Thursday, April 18, 2013

What a difference a year makes (149.4)

A year ago today we moved our financial advising practice and joined a group of advisors at Ameripr*se (don't want to hit a search engine, so the *). 

It has been challenging and rewarding.  It has changed our lives.  We have been successful and happy.  Mark said yesterday I am blossoming in my roll here and he can tell I am so much happier.  And I AM!

Our work environment was miserable for so long, and I basically shut down for quite a while.  Here, I am with a team, who are supportive, intelligent, kind, and generous. 

I love coming to work every day.  I love our beautiful new office building.  I love the girls and the other three advisors. 

We are blessed beyond measure.


I have been swamped.  Work is nuts, which isn't a bad thing.  We had a client meeting Tuesday night and a client dinner an hour out of town last night.  Both were great meetings, but it was a lot of extroversion and time away from home and the kids. 

My weight is staying steady.  I am fine with that, but I know it's not going to move until I start exercising and paying more attention to what I eat after 6 pm.  I tend to eat the bulk of my calories at night, which is (duh) obviously not the best way to do things.  It's okay, though.  I am a work in progress.


Vickie said...

I had forgotten all about your old office guy. What on earth has happened with him?

That year went fast. I remember how busy you were moving.

Birthday news? I know you said you did not miss cake, but can't remember if you said more. Mine is always a non-event, so if nothing happened, I understand.

So glad things are going well.

Laura N said...

Old office guy stays in touch with Mark. He's still a piece of work. Mark just talked with him yesterday. He's working out of his home but struggling. He may have to file bankruptcy. He's always a big talker about how another firm is looking at him to join them, but it never pans out. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time I don't. I'm just glad I don't have him in my life anymore. Mark has known him for 20+ years and can handle him.

Birthday was non-event. That was how I wanted it. And I was fine.