Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Busy April & pic of ear piercing (150.6)

April is crazy.  We have two client meetings out of town in the next two weeks, including today, and tonight we have a client dinner.  It's going to be a 12 hour day today.  The rest of the month is crazy with activities.

My knee is better.  I took the KT tape off Sunday and have only felt a slight twinge in my tendons a couple of times. 

I took a walk Saturday (with tape on).  Four miles in an hour.  I walked almost all of it, sprinkling in a bit of jogging in the first two miles.  Knee didn't hurt at all.  Didn't swell after. I'm still babying it, but it was such a beautiful day I couldn't help myself.

Sunday we had a birthday party to go to, and it was outside.  The trees bloomed here overnight on Saturday, and two hours outside was refreshing, but my allergies went into overdrive.  Luke & I are both highly allergic to trees.  The last couple of nights I've been miserable.  Yesterday my face hurt all day from sinus pressure (advil did little to relieve it). I started using Mark's astelin (antihistamine nose spray) yesterday, and it seems to be started to help.  I can breathe out my nose this morning. I also take zyrtec and use zaditor eye drops.  I just have to get through the next few weeks of blooming trees and then should be fine. 

Weight is up a bit because of mid-cycle hormones, and I think also because I'm not sleeping well.  Any time I'm sick, my weight seems to bounce up a pound or two.  I also am eating out twice today, and while I'll make good choices, I know I'll have more sodium than usual.  As long as I know the reasons, the uptick doesn't bother me. 

I got my 6 month chip last night at my OA meeting.  I can't believe it's already been 6 months. Meetings are like a bubble bath or a massage or a great yoga class--relaxing, energizing, and uplifting.

Here's my ear piercings.  I got the cartilage pierced Friday afternoon.  I love them and have gotten a lot of compliments.  In acupuncture, cartilage is centeredness; earlobe is happiness. 

Cartilage didn't hurt much, just felt like a shot.  The weirdest part was the "pop" sound.  I'm diligent about keeping them clean--no phone against my ear, no touching, wash hands before cleaning with ear solution I got at the jewelry store that did my earlobe.  The tattoo shop that did the cartilage also said to take zinc and vitamin C to boost my immune system.


jen said...

Thanks for the pic -- I was having trouble visualizing where the piercings were.

Wanted to let you know -- my allergist has study opportunities for allergies all the time -- maybe you and/or Luke could do something like that locally? I have been impressed with how much help I got from seeing the allergist. Just the lifestyle changes like mattress encasements and switching to fragrance-free products have made a big difference.

Vickie said...

Like Jen, could not picture what you were saying about ear positioning.

Drink a lot of water!

Vickie said...

First I thought I would order it for Xmas, but looked and girls checked first two out of library, so will not buy third. Thanks for note. I let both girls know

Vickie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!