Friday, April 05, 2013

OA quote, April 5

I have a little book of meditations from OA called For Today.

I love today's message:

"...the more total our surrender, the more fully realized our freedom from food obsession." --OA

"Surrender. Now there's a word that stops people cold. Everybody knows that losers surrender; winners keep on fighting.  That idea kept me battling my problem of food and fat until it brought me to my knees--and to OA's door.  Step one was easy when I finally understood that fighting the problem of compulsive overeating would never in this life relieve me of it.

Proof followed swiftly in the form of abstinence and weight loss with unprecedented peace of mind. In short, sanity. In surrendering I gained what years of struggle could not bring me.

For today: There isn't a single problem in my life, including food obsession, that would not be resolved in direct proportion to my ability to stop fighting it, turn it over to God and know that a solution will come."

(bold mine)

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Vickie said...

I love readings and sayings from OA and AA.

I saw you changed your side bar. It looks good.

About two weeks ago, I realized, someone who leaves comments on blogs, had a very misleading side bar. When she left comments on other blogs, I would click over, see her picture and her stats and think THAT was the person writing the comment. I never read her posts. Something in a post caught my eye (2 weeks ago) and I realized the current her is +75lbs from the her identified on her side bar.

So, extremely misleading sidebar. (And somehow not very nice either.)