Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Slow weight loss (149.4)

Today marks 6 months of abstinence.  I lost 2.8 pounds in the past 30 days.

I started going to OA on 8/20/12 and weighed 175 pounds. I started eliminating sugar/fat/flour foods on 8/29/12.  I've lost about 26 pounds so far.  That's 3.7 pounds per month.  Very slow weight loss. Very doable weight loss. 

And it has been easy.  No stress, no worries about getting to a certain weight in a certain amount of time.  No goal weight.

It's been a gentle process, and the times when I felt like I wasn't making progress have been rare. It's been a very positive process.

This is quite different from how I've felt about losing weight in the past.  Before this program, more often than not I felt a lot of "not good enough" emotions.  I'm not perfect, and I've had slips, but I forgive myself and move on.  I don't have to be perfect.  I am good enough. 

I know I want to lose more, because I still have fat in places I don't want. I don't know where I will end up.  It's not my business.  I just have to show up, do the work, and stay abstinent.  One day at a time.


E. Jane said...

I enjoyed your photos. You look great! It sounds like OA has been a good thing for you. Which branch of OA has been so helpful?

Vickie said...

Are you fluttering around during the month or do you hold the low weight and then drop to the new low weight and hold again? Curious.

I had flutters, then would settle into lower weight and hold for a bit, and then drop again, then flutters, then settle at lower weight and hold again. If you remember, I also had slow weight loss.

I would not trade slow for fast. I have seen what the trends are, for many years, in weight loss blog land. They tend to bounce when they get near their bottom. They tend not to get to their goal, bounce and then often start right back up within that same year. Not all, but many.

Vickie said...

You will understand this story. I will probably post it.

There is a woman in my free weights classes who has to be insulin resistant/diabetic from the looks of how much weight she is carrying and where she is carrying it.

She came (Tuesday class) saying that (we didn't know it) but she had been doing REALLY well with food all during lent (I assume she gave up sugar, but didn't ask) and she said she had lost weight and was really pleased.

And then Sunday and Monday went totally out of control and gained back all she had lost + some.

I stay OUT of these conversations with her 100%.

But I also believed her. From what she has said in the past, she absolutely can't moderate sugar/processed. And she just continues to beat her head against the brick wall.

Laura N said...

Thank you, Jane! Not sure what you mean by branch. There are 3 meetings in my city. I go to the one on Monday nights. The great majority of people there are veterans--8-10 people who have 10-20+ years of abstinence. Several who have 1-5 years.

Laura N said...

Yes, Vickie, you describe it perfectly. Flutter, hold, drop. I didn't lose anything (net loss) in February. I was sick most of the month, and didn't eat as cleanly as usual, and I also traveled to Florida. It wasn't that big a deal. March was a much better month all around, and even though I barely exercised, I still lost. Once my knee gets better, I expect to be lifting weights and doing cardio, and I know that exercise will be key in burning my excess fat. Still have to keep food in line--I agree it's 95% about food.

Laura N said...

Lent=temporary. Temporary is a killer mindset. It seems to me that most of us (including me) can't lose weight permanently until we admit we are powerless over sugar foods (and I'm not talking about going to OA--you aren't in OA and you don't dabble with junk food--you know it's totally off the table). With trigger foods, it's all or nothing.

Vickie said...

If your shoulder is doing okay, you can do arm free weight work now and also a lot of Pilates moves work around no leg.

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