Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter family pic & sidewalk chalk

Easter Sunday
 Luke's Waddledee (from Kirby video game)
 Mark drew Bart Simpson
 Sophie drew Tweety Bird (she's getting really good.)


Vickie said...

She IS really good. I had forgotten all about your family drawing. Loved the pics.

Vickie said...

is that one of your saved dresses? really cute. Must be one of Sophie's new dresses? I remember your/you saying she needed new styles.

Laura N said...

Yes, mine was a saved dress. size 8. It fit perfectly. I think I only wore it once, on Easter, in 2008.

I found Sophie's dress at Sears. It's a size too big (it was the only one they had) but the shrug covered the big arm holes. She can wear it well into next year, hopefully. It was neat to wear matching-ish dresses. Probably the last year she'll be okay with that, since she'll be 12 in May (which is so hard to believe).