Friday, November 23, 2012

Abstinent Thanksgiving (158.8)

I got through Thanksgiving with flying colors.

I ran 3 miles yesterday morning at 8.  It was a beautiful run and set the tone for the day.

I also talked to 3 OA members in the morning, which was yet another tool to keep me committed.

I wasn't stressed prepping the rest of the food. I had no problems choosing foods that were not triggers.  The only time I had an issue was when the pies started being served.  But I went to my bedroom and closed the door and watched TV for 45 minutes while everyone else had dessert, and I was just fine. 

I had decaf coffee and that was dessert for me.

I did no clean up--I told Mark that since I did everything to get things ready, he was in charge of clean up (he had help from other family members, too).  That helped a lot because it kept me away from the food after my meal was finished, and it also helped keep me from being exhausted or resentful

I weighed the same today as I weighed yesterday.  THAT is a success!!

This morning I met up with Kate & Travis and ran 3.5 miles.  It was my fastest 3 miles yet this year (I did sprints alternated with walking the last .5 miles).  I feel calm & happy & thrilled that food has no hold on me today.

Family just arrived for lunch, and I am feeling OK about it.

And Vickie, the cranberry sauce was the best & I got several compliments on it.


Vickie said...

Now someone else might read that going in your bedroom and think that made you anti social or that we aren't living in the real world, BUT I THOUGHT IT WAS BRILLIANT!

Truly at some point in the day, especially if you were up early and/or the hostess, you just plain need some quiet time.

Very good strategies all the way around, I am adding this post to my collection for next year.

Glad thing went well. Continue to be cautious and plan well. This is basically two weekends back to back and weekends can be challenging as you well know.

Vickie said...

It was Brenda who found the recipe and suggested it. I left her a note that you liked it (very private blog).

Vickie said...