Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Well apparently...

I'm not alone in my "let down" feelings after the race Saturday. Several of you feel the same way about big events. & I talked with Kate today, and she didn't feel any more appreciated than I did even though her family was at home when she left the hotel. In fact, she had to go home & clean her house after running 13.1 miles! I think I'd prefer my 4 hour drive to cleaning house.

So the lessons here are:

If you feel like you're alone, stop & remember to share your feelings with someone. You are so not alone.

Only runners understand runners. Seriously. If you have a family who supports you & throws parades in your honor when you finish a big race, thank your lucky stars. Because most of us may have families who adore us, but just don't get the running thing.

Blogging friends are the best friends a gal could ask for. Really, thank you all for your kind support through all of my drama. :) If I had oodles of money I'd pay for you all to fly to Chicago's BlogHer conference this summer so we could meet face to face. (I can't promise anything, but if we have the time & money & there are still rooms available, I'm hoping to go this year. Any of you in?)

(Annimal, I have been using Advair for a month. I'm guessing it's not enough, though. & yep, I hit the albuterol 30ish minutes before the race & at 4 miles & 8 miles. I meet with my doctor on Friday so hopefully he can help me with a new plan of medication. Thanks for all your advice & info!)

Here are a couple pictures from race day, before with Kate, after with my finishers medal. (There were oodles of running skirts this year. Skirts are it, baby.)


MCM Mama said...

Sounds like you are feeling better! Cute pictures! I still haven't found a skirt I like...

debby said...

I'm glad Kate shared with you that she had the same let-down feelings.

And I really know what you mean about only runners understand runners. That is kind of how I feel about 'only nurses understand nurses.' It is a good thing that we have each other to rely on for support, because it is just too hard to explain everything that goes into (running or nursing) and after a while (a very little while) friends and family grow tired of hearing about it.

And yes sir! I love all my blog friends!

steffy said...


I love reading your blog! I have exercise induced asthma esp when I run. I use Qvar 2x a day and then use combivent when needed. Seems to have really made a difference when I run.

Jill said...

You look so slim and trim!!! Cute pics!!