Saturday, May 16, 2009

4.5 mile slog

I did it. 20.02 miles this week. 5 running days in a row. I've not done that much running consecutively before. & I'm not sure I'll do it again--the 5 days without rest, that is. My goal was, as I said yesterday, to run 20 miles this week, & I'm notorious for doing no workouts on the weekends. So I figured I better get 'er done Mon-Fri.

But it was tough yesterday. It was really hot & humid, so that didn't help. But I couldn't help but wonder if I struggled so much because I was just plain tired of running.

I made myself stick with it. I had to walk a lot just to keep myself moving. I wasn't sore and nothing hurt (thank God), so that wasn't the problem. I just couldn't mentally get myself into making my legs run (there's that 90% mental thing).

It took me 61 minutes to do 4.5 miles, which is a crazy slow pace for me. I finally found a tiny groove after about 40 minutes (hello endorphins!), and the last mile & a half weren't pure torture. A big grey cloud blew in & brought sprinkles & wind toward the end of the run, & that helped too.

Regardless, I met my goal. And I weighed 152.8 this morning. And the kids spent the night at my mom's last night. And I had a fun night with DH & our Friday night group friends last night. And I'm having a peaceful morning by myself for a few hours while DH is at the gym (taking TWO classes--he's doing so well).

I'm basking in this good stuff right now. Ahhhhhh.


Heather said...

wonderful! See what a little hard work can do - you accomplished what you wanted and got your weight back to a happy place. congrats!

laurajane said...

Congrats on meeting your goal of 20 miles. Some days it is a lot more painful and difficult than on others.

MCM Mama said...

YAY!!! Great job on hitting your mileage goals!

I can't run 5 days in a row. My body just gets to tired. I'm impressed that you managed it.

Jill said...

You rock the casbah sister!

Jodie said...

Great job! You are my hero! ;-)

Ready for a challenge? How about a second week of 20+?

LG said...

Congrats on meeting your goal, esp. given how humid it sounded. Great job! You're awesome (as usual!).