Monday, March 30, 2009

Whassup on a Monday

First, thank you all for your condolences & advice & thoughts & prayers. It means so much to have the love & support of my blog friends. So, thanks!

Okay, now for the run down of what's going on around here.

We joined the YMCA Friday, as promised, & we both worked out for almost 50 minutes. I ran 4 miles & DH did the elliptical the whole time. I'm having more difficulty breathing again, so my miles were hard & not consistently fast by any means. It was the first time I've been on a treadmill in ages, and it was a nice change. I like being able to control my speed. I sprinted the last .3 miles just to get the run over with, and plus I love running sub-9 min/mile, even if it's only for a couple minutes. It makes me feel like a rockstar.

Mark worked out Saturday & Sunday (which is twice more than I worked out), and is taking complete responsibility for eating well. He is serious about cutting out salt & fat & red meat. He made homemade salsa last night with no salt or sugar; he added it with mushed up pinto beans & wild rice to heart-healthy LF wheat wraps, and said he didn't miss the fat/cheese/salt at all. That's progress. I just pray he keeps at it! Truly, it's a day at a time (although, a planned day at a time--you can't eat healthfully without planning ahead).

He is going to the doctor today at 3 p.m. & asking to be referred to a cardiologist (and thank you Annimal for your being so adamant about us doing that--I'm not sure I'd have felt so strongly about him being treated like a cardiac patient without your encouragement!). My doctor's appointment is at 3:15 (same doctor--follow up for blood pressure meds & antidepressants, & I'm going to get my asthma treatment updated).

I can really tell the wellbutrin is working again and/or my SAD is gone, because yesterday afternoon the kids both were cranky & not feeling great & whiny as could be, and I didn't lose it once. I never got impatient, never raised my voice, never hid in the bathroom with a bar of chocolate. These are big victories, to be sure.

My food's not been great, but I'm not eating to soothe myself. The weather here was crap all weekend & I used it as an excuse not to run at all. I know I could have gone to the Y, but if I ran it was going to be 8 miles or nothing. Do you know how hard it is to run 8 miles on a treadmill? It sucks, so I just never did it. But, whatever. Today's a new day. Planning on running after the doctor. And tomorrow I'm taking a Body Pump class at the Y. Cannot wait to lift weights again!!!

I'm trying to start the Crack diet again. So far I'm on track today, but I need to shop & cook for the rest of the week and I'm not sure if I'll have time to do that tonight. We'll see. I very much want to weigh 149 when I run the Indy half on May 2. I'm probably about 7-8 pounds away, so it's doable. But it's going to take work.

Ah, well. Anything worthwhile requires serious effort.


Jilligan said...

Jo started carb deplete this week also. Maybe you can keep each other on track at least through the week. Glad you are back. Hope things go well at the dr. today.

Cindy...154 said...

Good to hear how things are going. I am glad your husband is making changes. You are right. Eating healthy takes planning! Great about the exercise, too. good luck on the Crack diet. I need to do something, I keep teetering around the same weight...

Vickie said...

thanks for taking the time to fill us all in - glad to hear it all!

If you need more food overviews - let me know. Or specific topics addressed - let me know. It is totally overwhelming to think about - but each little piece - put together really makes a difference.

And how funny that you are still carrying around one of my old food comments from 3 years ago!!!

MCM Mama said...

Sounds like things are beginning to move in the right direction. Keep it up!

Jill said...

Excellent! Good job on all fronts!

You are moving in the right direction - keep going. ;)

LG said...

Excellent (and not said in a Montgomery Burns way)!

I'm glad Mark is doing some things and not going totally full tilt to the other extreme -- being extreme does pay off and show results but it's hard to maintain (IMHO). Good job and keep us posted! Love the hair!