Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fool's Day Facts

Ever have one of those days where you'd love to write something witty & inspiring, but you got nothin'? That's me today. So just the facts, ma'am, is what you'll find here on April Fool's Day.

*I ran my least favorite distance Monday afternoon--less than 3 miles. I only had 30 minutes & squeezed out a measly 2.75 miles. I hate running that short a distance. Basically you get all the pain with none of the endorphin pleasure.

*I took a Body Pump class at the Y yesterday afternoon. It rocked! I have missed weights classes so very much. I've got puny muscles, though, & have a long way to go to get back to where I was last year. The good thing is that I know within 3-4 weeks I'll be feeling strong & already noticing a difference. & hopefully by the time we go on vacation in mid June I'll have the definition I'm longing for. Two times a week is the goal for this class.

*This afternoon I'm planning a run, hopefully 5 miles. The weather is gorgeous. A spot of sunshine between a sandwich of stormy days.

*Food has not been according to the Crack diet, unfortunately. I just couldn't muster the strength. Monday night I was so hungry, I just gave it up. It's not realistic to think I can do this low carb plan--even though it's only low carb on part of the days--just a few weeks out from my half marathon. So I'm not going to have a plan. I'm going to eat the best I can, workout like a fiend, & keep reminding myself of my goals.

*Which are: weigh 149 by the Half on 5/2 & weigh less than 145 by vacation on 6/13.

*And additionally: Finish the Indy half in 2:15:00, which requires a lower body weight. And wear my boy-shorts bathing suit from last year in St. John, which also requires a lower body weight, lower body fat content, & higher muscle definition.

*Sophie's ADHD medicine seems to be helping. We did her 20 spelling words last night & she only missed one. That's a huge improvement.

*Mark sees a cardiologist for his initial consult on April 15th. Our GP doc agreed that he needs the real deal heart screening--the invasive one that reveals artery blockage, not a simple stress test. Mark's still working out daily & is eating like a heart patient. No fat, no junk. He's already lost 5 pounds!

*Luke is very much a 3 year old, in every sense of what a 3 year old can be. And he gives the absolute best hugs ever.

*Random TV Chatter:
I finally saw the movie of Sex & the City last weekend. I disliked the first half and thought it was manipulative & overacted, but I loved the 2nd half after Jennifer Hudson joined the show. She was wonderful. I thought it was impossible for Sarah Jessica to be any thinner, but seriously thought she was leaner than she'd ever been (she & Cynthia Nixon, who looked amazing). And I still adore Big, & love how the movie ended with the love letters.

I've got one more episode of season 2 of The Tudors to watch on DVD. Very much looking forward to season 3. I want to read about the actual history now that I've seen the "Dallas"-style version of Henry VIII's life. I love this series--it's beyond decadent. Henry is the bad guy you love to hate, just like J.R.

Still haven't watched TBL or Idol this week. Hopefully tonight I'll get them both in after the kids are in bed, while Mark's at class.

*That's all for now, kids. Hope you are all enjoying spring, even if yours is covered in snow.


LG said...

You might try Antonia Fraser's book, "The Wives of Henry VIII" or Alison Weir's biography of Henry VIII.

Now, great job on everything else. Gosh, you're so active. And that's great news about Sophie! I think you're smart to rethink the food when training.

Keep up the good work! You rule!

MCM Mama said...

Sounds like everything is going in the right direction for you! Yay! Keep it up!

Jill said...

May I call you Stella? Because you got your groove back, girl!

Enjoy your run!

Sidenote: I've been watching Idol, but I have to say I'm not really into it this year. Hopefully when the numbers dwindle down, I'll be more excited about it.

Helen said...

I'm excited that kismet is putting us in STJ the same year as you!! Can't wait to hear about all your experiences...just in time for me to take advantage...hope you don't mind!! ;-)

Idol was boring last didn't miss much. And, I can't believe I'm saying this, I want Adam's old hair back. (I hated it for so long, but now I realize why he wears it that way...looks much better on his face!)

kilax said...

I am so happy to hear Mark is seeing someone and making changes! :)

I am starting to loathe the <3 miles runs too. They just feel so short!

Your goals so very reasonable! I bet you'll get there in no time!

debby said...

Your plan sounds great, Laura! And that Tudor's show sounds really great--I'll have to check it out on Netflix.

Jilligan said...

Love the new picture!

Cindy...154 said...

I saw the Sex in the City movie on my 50th birthday with my daughter when we were in CA - at a "speakeasy" theater, where you sit at tables and have food and drink. It was perfect, especially when it ended with Samantha's 50th. I am so inspired by your exercise and your goals. I am so consumed right now with work and the job search deal. I want to get back to paying more attention to other areas of my life, like working out and having some fun. Next week it would be great if I could pop over to somewhere near the hospital. Any idea on time of day? I want to meet up if it works for you. I know it is going to be a long day.

Cindy...154 said...

I just re-read your comment about your trip. I think it should work out that I can meet you guys for lunch. I can come down there somewhere. You can call me on my cell phone when you know about the timing. It won't take me that long to get there from work. I will try and think of somewhere not far from the Children's Hospital. i will e mail you my number and we can figure it out.