Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Still on the wagon, but hanging on with my fingernails

Life has been crazy lately. Thankfully, this low carb diet helps keep the food cravings away even when I'm under stressful conditions that would normally trigger a carb binge.

Work is nuts. I've had multiple technology failures since last Thursday. The printer & my email have taken up countless hours and money. I hate it when things don't work, because it makes me a grouchy girl & I get absolutely nothing done.

All this plus the stock market tanking is making me a big bottle of nerves.

Oh, and did I mention I haven't run in over a week?

It's all just been too much.

But, again, thank God I'm on this diet plan because otherwise I'm sure I'd be pushing 160 by now. Instead, I weighed 151.2 this morning! Woohoo!

My pants are already looser. I still have the muffin top (sometimes I truly wish we'd go back to high waisted pants from the 80's), and that doesn't go away until I get into the mid 140s. At least it went away the last time I visited 146 in October.

I ended the first low carb week at 5 days. Sunday night I had a little slip--a few vanilla wafers, a couple bites of ice cream, but that's it. And Monday when I woke up I just could not take eggs again for breakfast. So I made an executive decision to skip the 2 days I had left of low carbing, and go straight to week 2.

Which means I had grits with protein powder for breakfast yesterday, and I just had rice & beans for lunch today. Tomorrow I get 2 carbs before 3 p.m.

I love this plan. I love the variety. I love that I can stick to it. I love that I have energy & don't feel bloated. I love that my waist is already back to 29 1/2". (Like the true tracking freak I am, I started measuring every day when I started this diet. I had no idea that water weight affected my "size" so much. I really just thought it was a scale thing. It's not.) And I love that in a few more days I can have a few fun foods.

I'm praying I can get out of work by 4 p.m. today so I can go running. It's gorgeous... cold, but not windy and it's sunny. I have been having runner's envy for days & days--you know, when you see a runner on the road & you wish with your whole heart that was you out there. Yeah, I saw 3 people this morning running and I about hopped out of my car & ran in my high heals. I just can't contain myself anymore.

I have been a very bad blogging friend because I've had no time to visit with any of you. I'm thinking of you, though, and hope that your health journey is gearing up in a very positive way, as the weather starts to turn toward Spring. Oh, it cannot get here soon enough!


Vickie said...

at least you want to join the runners instead of wanting to take them out one by one. . .

Helen said...

Take care of you...we'll be here! :-)

I've GOT TO READ THAT BOOK and implement it. Stat.

(How long have I been saying that?)

Heather said...

*sigh* I hear you. Life IS crazy. but Im glad that you are hanging in there and doing the best you can, and can still say that you are "on the wagon".

MCM Mama said...

HOpe you got that run in! Glad that the diet is making you feel at least a bit under control.

Hang in there!

LG said...

Hey, I just read some review of the fashion show. High waisted pants MAY be coming back (although the reviewer thought they stunk).

I'm jealous and proud of you; you've figured out that you have to have some control over something in your life and it's food for now. You miss running -- did you ever think that was possible? :-)

Take care of yourself; we'll still be here.

Doc Manette said...

Hang in there Laura - you always know how to turn it around and see results! So inspirational.