Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little better

First, I want to thank MizFit for posting my guest blog today. I wrote it about 3 months ago and wouldn't you know it? I'm still pretty much in the same state of mind--fighting to find time & energy to get my winter fat layer off but often losing the battle.

As with all of The Miz's posts, there's lots of engaging conversation going on in the comments. And it seems clear that some folks can do this healthy lifestyle thing with ease (or, at least, the majority of their choices are healthy ones & it's not a massive struggle to make those choices--that's the way it looks like on *this* side of the fence anyway :).

Others of us (ME! ME!) aren't quite to effortless, but we're fighting the good fight and not giving up.

So where am I today on this crazy roller coaster?

Yesterday was much better. I stayed on track with the Crack the Fat Loss Code diet. I already feel the bonds of carbs & sugar loosening their hold. Today has started off well, food wise. I'm still not craving junk & the scale is playing along already (water weight loss is water weight loss, but it's still motivating to see lower numbers on the scale right off the bat).

Exercise has been The Suck, though. No time for myself since Sophie's at the office with me during my normal running time, and Mark has classes on Mon, Tues & Wed nights so I can't run after I pick up kids either. I am so not a morning runner, so that's out. Last night I could have done the 30 day shred but frankly I was so fried from my day long sprint at work I just didn't have it in me.

But. One step at a time. I'm happy I'm getting the carbwants out of my system. Exercise will come again soon, most hopefully tonight. And it won't be soon enough.

ETA: Sophie made it to school. I took her in at 10 a.m. & she didn't feel dizzy during the long walk to her class, which is a very good sign that we might be done with this round.


Marcy said...

Ooooo I'm heading over to take a peeky!

Vickie said...

really good posting over at Mizfit - the comments are very good - I rarely read all those comments - but I did today and there were many that were just excellent!

If you only have the energy to deal with one thing - probably food is your better choice - for most of us - there isn't enough exercise to run off bad food choices.

hope that your week is going better.

PS - Everyone at yoga that has dizzy issues - is having a bad week this week - I had to up my allergy meds to deal with mine. And am now doing fine. But had the start of dizzies and migraines hit hard.

Vickie said...

I did watch last week's and this week's TBL - did you watch? - any comments on the mom and the daughter???

Doc Manette said...

Laura, GREAT Post!!!! Loved reading it and all the comments over at Miz Fits.

Jill said...

Glad Sophie is feeling better!!

And you have just upped your status to supahcool with that guest post!! ;)

Simon Owens said...

Hey Laura, my name is Simon and I'm an associate editor for PBS. Can you please email me at Your post for Miz Fit fits into a piece I'm working on for next week.

MCM Mama said...

Glad Sophie made it in to school and that you made some good food choices. One step at a time...

Anonymous said...

Glad Sophie made it to school. Hope all goes well with the docs and they can make her better! :-)

Brianna said...

I enjoyed your post on MizFit! :)

Congrats for sticking out the fight - and best wishes as you work toward that half-marathon. You'll be thanking yourself for the diet changes when you get closer to those long runs ('cause they'll feel so GOOD!!).

LG said...

Very good posting at MizFit and lots of great comments too.

I'm glad Sophie is feeling better. I agree that I need to go back to basics; right now I'm trying to just eat in a way that I could write it down if I had to. (Boy, talk about avoiding the hard work, huh?)

Have a great weekend! I'm working on the books for S. this weekend.

Helen said...

Loved the MizFit post...very creative and RIGHT ON! :-)