Monday, February 02, 2009

Holy crap

Well, an ice storm is about as bad as the holiday's for weight gain.

I hadn't weighed in a week, still haven't run since a week ago last Friday (that's a whopping 10 days now), and I've been eating like a 10 year old boy on summer vacation.

I finally bit the bullet this morning, the first weekday we've been back in our house, and got on the scale. It was ugly.


I have some serious ass kicking to do on myself. Which is tough when I still feel pretty wrung out emotionally, & physically still feel rough from the cold that will not die.

But I'm not burying my head in the sand & not letting this get worse. I've scaled back the food today big time, and am having hot tea with honey while I finish some work tonight. I'm likely going to have to white knuckle through the night time eating cravings later. Whatever. I want to see some water weight lost in the morning.

Hopefully I will get to do some kind of physical activity soon. The park where I usually run is blocked off because of trees down, I guess, and the sidewalks--everywhere--are still covered in ice & snow. So if I want to run it will have to be on the street, and I'm not overly fond of taking my life into my own hands like that. If I have to dodge a car and run off the road, I could slip & fall on the ice. It may be a while until I get on the pavement again.

I've got the Jillian Michael's DVD that I need to do. Was going to try tonight but I've got a monster headache & my sinuses are hurting, so (yada yada yada excuse excuse excuse), no workout today.

Life is my workout right now. Soon enough it will be spring.

Even though the Groundhog saw his shadow today, warmer weather is only 6 weeks away.


Vickie said...

have you ever tried the simply saline spray??? - I use it (twice) every day - as a preventive step - but it is especially helpful if you actually have a sinus situation (on going).

can you buy punch passes for you old gym (or for a cheap/no frills gym that has treadmills) to use in emergencies in the winter? I know you are watching $$$ but there might be a cheap - no committment - alternative.

Do you have pilates DVD's or can
you record ***Gilad*** on fit TV (or Sharon Mann do I have that name right)? Gilad is WORK! He has an hour show and at the end of the hour - you will be glad you are done!

If you don't have access to a treadmill all the time - and you live in Indiana - you probably need to figure out other fall back alternatives - weather, sick kids, injuries happen - you need a plan B.

White knuckle is the perfect description - we will all be with you mentally - because we have all been there ourselves. . .

Jill said...

You can do it Laura. Do the Shred DVD - it's quick and you will feel so much better after you have sweated out some of the stress!

Don't be too hard on yourself about the gain - you are back on track now and you'll lose it fast. And like you said, warmer weather is only 6 weeks away and you'll have plenty of room to run and frolick in the green grass!!

I also have a mild case of the cold that will not die - just hanging on enough to be annoying.

Hang in there kiddo, better days are ahead. :)

Doc Manette said...

You know Laura, you might be on to something about the power being out and eating poorly.

When I returned to Houston on December 1 to pick up a few of the kids' things, I noticed that some of my friends had put on weight. . . it was very obvious and very surprising.

I know my old neighborhood was without power for over 2 weeks after Hurricane Ike. So maybe there is a correlation?

I'm gonna try the Shred DVD later this morning.

LG said...

I was thinking that if I lived out the Midwest and had to battle that kind of weather, day in and day out, I'd weight 5000 pounds just because.

I like Vickie's ideas -- the other thing is maybe you can find some other like-minded women through church or some other place and use their equipment -- sort of a round robin of going to different houses for exercise? (It's a screwy idea, I know.)

Good luck -- I know how you feel and I'm telling you -- you don't want to slip up any further.

Mary said...

Laura, if you want to run on the ice/snow, try yak trax. I *love* them.

Vickie said...

you know CHURCHES should consider adding exercise equipment/room as part of their ministry - would be a very good place to feel relaxed and be able to meet friends for something other than sitting and food - and free.

Helen said...

I'm so glad you're back in your house...yikes, I go away for a week and the Midwest gets shut down!

I love Vickie's idea about churches and exercise equipment...I wonder why they don't think of that...hmmm...

Anyway...good luck getting back to "it"...I am still struggling but determined to get back too...

Jim Purdy said...

You said: "I've been eating like a 10 year old boy on summer vacation."

Hilarious image. The diet, maybe not so good. Best wishes.

Oz Runner said...

winter is tough to keep running here in the midwest....I've ran on snow/ice a couple times this winter and it's just not as much fun.....I like the church/exercise room idea others have mentioned here...maybe I'll mention it to my pastor....