Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday (180.2) - Unexpected interruption

That's an understatement.  Today around 2:45 pm, I got a call from my mom's phone, but instead of my mom it was a woman named Rhonda, telling me my mom and kids had been in a car accident and they were okay but going to the ER in an ambulance.  

Talk about the unexpected.

I left work, drove to the hospital (which is 5 minutes from our office), called and texted and Facebook'd everyone I needed to (including cancelling dinner reservations, a nail appointment, and meeting the girl I plan to have clean my house--it was a packed afternoon, but was going to be all good stuff. I think cancelling the appointments helped me keep my stuff together while I waited to see my kids).  I waited about 20 minutes in the ER waiting room until my mom & kids arrived at the hospital.

The kids walking in on their own two feet was one of the most beautiful sights ever. My Mom is really beat up--they brought her in on a stretcher with a neck collar and arm splint.  They had to cut off her clothes, which she was not happy about. she has lots of bruises, a broken bone in the backside of her ribcage that just has to heal on its own, very sore muscles all over her upper body (even deep breaths hurt), massive bruising of her right arm & hand and on her left leg.  But no internal injuries (CT scans all clear) and no other broken bones.  She got to go home tonight with my stepdad.

My kids are fine, thank God.  Sophie's really sore around her collar bone and neck.  Luke doesn't seem to be hurting at all (on the contrary, he's been bouncing off the walls tonight). They were both really scared.  It's Sophie's second time in the ER in a month.  She was there a few weeks ago for vomiting all night from a migraine/possible stomach virus (I was up with her all night, and Mark had to take her to the ER for that trip).

The car that hit my mom turned onto the road and just didn't see her--she hit mom on the passenger side engine area.  Mom could barely get her door open, so the car frame was bent.  Mom said she was driving about 40 mph, and never saw the car coming.  The air bag went off.  Mom doesn't have any facial bruising, at least not yet.

The kids were obviously seat belted & Luke was in his booster seat.  A half second difference and the car could have hit the rear passenger door & really hurt Sophie, who was on that side. We are very lucky.  It could have been much, much worse.

So I'm thankful tonight to have my family all together.  We're watching The Princess & The Frog.  I have yet to breakdown & lose it.  I'm sure that is still to come.


Vickie said...

So glad all was well. What a scare.

That rib is going to seriously hurt. And she is going to be in more pain in a couple days.

did you say - was your mom wearing her seat belt too?

Did they turn on the siren in the ambulance? (we always think it is a bonus if one gets to ride with the lights and siren going).

do not sign off on anything. medical situations sometime arise weeks or months later. I have been rearended twice and Cindy was hit and had problems later too.

if the frame is bent, car will never be trustworthy again - she needs to get rid of it.

Vickie said...

an update please