Thursday, September 17, 2009

If you can't say something nice

Sometimes it's easier to just be quiet in blog land when things aren't going well in real life.

So I haven't got much to say.

Mark is still sick. I'm still stressed.

Life keeps throwing me daily curve balls.

I'm still waiting for a break.

My kids are healthy. I'm healthy. I supposed that's as much break as I'm going to get right now, & I ought to be thankful for it.

The highlight of my week has been The Biggest Loser premier, which was wonderful (even though teary). I'm really looking forward to this season. I hope it provides some inspiration so I can kick myself in the (getting bigger every day) behind.

Seriously, I looked at myself in the mirror this morning & thought "I'm no longer an after. I'm a before."

So see? I just better shut my bloggy mouth right there.

Better to say nothing at all.


Vickie said...

I was teary all the way through too. Not so much at the stories - we all have them (don't you think?) but at the physicalness of them. All the pain that they have from their size. All the conditions that they have from their size. All those fat rolls. Even though I just watched another season and got used to seeing it all again - this time - with the even bigger bodies and even more fat rolls, it really got to me.

Lynn Haraldson-Bering said...

Even if you don't want to write much, I'm glad you're writing something. You're obviously keeping things real. Know you have a "fan" standing on the blog sidelines cheering you on, even if it's just to get through your day :)

Jill said...

Um..hello? McFly??? Is there anybody in there???

A "before" what??? You ARE an "after" - do you really want to go back to 200 pounds? THAT was a before. Do I need to remind you of the awesomeness of MAINTAINING a 50+ pound loss? For two years you have kept from regaining it - that is all you need to think about!

You are going through a hella time right now girlfriend - don't try to lose weight, don't try to train for a half marathon, don't try to implement anything new - just run a few times a week, and stay away from the crap and ride out this sh*tty wave until it breaks (and it will break eventually). Don't let it break YOU!

One thing I do want you to do is BLOG - seriously. Even if you don't post it, write it out, and if you do post it, you will see that everyone is pulling for you and praying for you.

You know I love ya girlfriend - ((((hugs))))

Vickie said...

I am almost caught up on laundry - so you can drop by with yours any time. . .my kitchen is a wreck - so we can gab while I clean it.

Helen said...

Ditto what Jill said -- I would have said EXACTLY the same thing.

Heather said...

Thats exactly my philosophy lately. Things at work are so horrible for me, that I just dont want to write or say anything. hang in there and know that it will get better.