Monday, November 10, 2008

Tight Pants are Not a Good Thing

I kinda sorta accidentally forgot to weigh myself this morning. I was in the bathtub, after eating breakfast and sipping my coffee, when I realized I hadn't weighed first thing. And I have a rule that I don't weigh unless I've peed, haven't eaten or drunk anything, and am naked.

It's one of those bury- my- head- in- the- sand- and- pretend- I- didn't- eat- my- weight- in- cake- and- ice- cream- the- past- 5- days kind of forgetfulness.

But my loose work pants are tight this morning and, even though my butt is looking strangely high & lifted in them (winter tights are pulling in the buttocks, I suppose), they are still tight. Which is not a good thing.

Sunday's weight was 150.4, and that's not terrible but I'd hoped I'd said goodbye to the 150s for good. Now that I know what my body can look like at 146, it's a bummer to have this extra fat around. I liked the lean & mean feeling. And it's so crazy that it's a mere 5 pounds difference from feeling skinny to feeling just OK.

Remember the old Weight Watchers mind trick of visualizing your fat in sticks of butter? One pound is 4 sticks of butter. So 5 pounds is 20 sticks of butter. Five pounds doesn't sound like that much, but 20 sticks of fat sure does.

And those 20 sticks of fat pretty much go straight to my thighs & stomach & boobs.


So I've got to get my freezer & fridge restocked with low carb foods & get back to Cracking. The birthday cake is gone, and I guess I've got to melt the ice cream down the kitchen sink because I'm frankly powerless over the stuff.

I haven't read any more of the Refuse to Regain book, because I'm engrossed in Pillars of the Earth and because I just didn't want to read a Diet Bible when I was in the midst of committing mortal sins.

Mondays are always good days to start over. So far, I'm on track. Sure it's only 11 a.m. and I'm not feeling very strong, food wise, but I've done it before.

I'll do it again.


Jodie said...

LOL - your weighing rule. I definitely agree to that. And eww, the butter anology. I'm always going to think of that now.

Get back to crack-a-lackin. We all need to get back at it.

Anonymous said...

This was a very funny post, Laura. Especially not wanting to read a diet Bible when you are committing mortal sins. That is very funny. And it does seem weird that such a small amount would make such a big difference. Especially when I had to lose 50 pounds before people stopped asking me if I had done something to my hair LOL! I sure wish I could re-lose this 6-8 pounds that I can't seem to get rid of, much less the 30 I proclaimed I wanted to lose.

Tish said...

You can do this, Laura. You've done it before and you're catching it early. Read back in your archives and think how overjoyed you would have been to be starting at your current number. Get cracking.

MCM Mama said...

I hear you on the tight pants. I'm short, so 3-5 pounds (all gained in my butt and thighs) currently has me not fitting into any of my nicer clothes. Sigh.

I enjoyed Pillars of the Earth quite a bit. I need to get back to reading more substantial books instead of the mind candy I've been reading lately.

G.G. said...

Amen to the last part!

Vickie said...

I can't remember if I have told you this story before - Tina and I were coleaders of a group many years ago. Tina was always looking for the simpliest way to do anything. When the kids were very little and couldn't read a calendar - she and her husband would not tell them when it was their birthday if it hit a day where everyone couldn't get together. so if the birthday was a Thursday and extended family couldn't get together until Saturday - mum was the word on Thursday and then TADA-HAPPY Birthday on Saturday morning.

She as also the person that had been in the same size jeans since college - she never wore stretch - she never did elastic - if jeans got tight - she hit the treadmill or ran and watched her food until they fit great again - if only we had known in college what we know now. . .