Monday, November 17, 2008

149.0 - That's better

On my way back down the scale.

Really wanted The Junk last night, but ate eggs & turkey instead. It's paying off so far.

Food is planned all day. Maybe I'll get a run in outside, if the wind calms down (no way am I running in 20 mph wind when it's 40* out). Or else I'll hit the gym. We'll see.

It hit me hard last night that we are hosting ~20 people on Thanksgiving. And we will have to be making a ton of the food, even though several families will bring a dish. We have many out-of-towners who can't bring anything, so that leaves the hosting family with the bulk of the food prep.

And I'd really like to pretty much overhaul my entire house, organization wise, so it's not so damned cluttered & messy.

Sad thing is, I get home and feed the kids and get them in bed, and I've got nothing left by 9 p.m. I'm going to have to dig deep to find the energy and get things done over the next week and a half. Maybe I'll start drinking coffee at 6 p.m. every night. Ha.

Busy Monday. Hope you all had a noneventful and/or fun weekend.


MCM Mama said...

Good job getting the scale turned around! T'day sounds like it will be fun, but crazy at your house!

Vickie said...

UPside is that you can control the food and the leftovers if you are hosting!!!

Helen said...

I agree with Vickie...I cook every year and can really keep ingredients under control that way (well, except for the butter in the stuffing, but that's going to be different this year). This year we're going to DB's and I will cook for LOTS of his (big) family...I can't wait. :-)

Congrats on turning the scale around...I am doing that today myself...uck, horrible food weekend (including ice cream...twice). :-(

Jill said...

See, I knew you would turn it around!! Cuz you're just awesome like that!! =)

Jill said...

I'm already on the dark side sister!! I DO have a FB page - Jill Armstrong Claremore,OK. I can't access it from work, so I only get around to checking it about once a week. Hopefully, we'll be getting our highspeed internet hooked up soon (we live in a semi-rural area and we are JUST NOW getting broadband available to us), so I can check it more often. It's probably a good thing I can't check it at work, I'd spend all my time on it!!

Carly said...

Nice work showing the scale who is boss. 20 peeps over for are a brave woman!

Helen said...

Thanks for the crockpot advice...since I'm a beginner, I'm just getting a simple one! :-)

Hope you're feeling better in your is SO TRUE that the composition of those lbs makes a huge difference in how I feel (and, I think, look, but I know I'm hyper-aware of myself). Whether it's fat or muscle, though, right now it doesn't feel good. :-( But back on the wagon this week...and hope to maintain (can't hope to lose...I messed that up over the weekend)... :-)