Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Luke!

My baby boy is 3 today.

Let's just be shocked at the passage of time here a moment.

And now let's be shocked at how much cake will be consumed.

We had cupcakes & presents last night, because Mark won't see him at all today (early workout and then late class for him tonight). Then tonight my mom and sister are coming over, and of course Mom's bringing a cake. And finally Friday we are having our church friends come over and that's when he'll get his "Little Einsteins" cake I'm having the bakery make.

Three days of cake, people. And this all falls smack dab in the middle of my mid-cycle hormones-dropped-through-the-floor blahs. So it's not like I have any power to Resist the Cake.

That's my excuse anyway. I'm just accepting that my food is the suck right now. The bandwagon to lose this extra poundage will pick me back up next week.

I have squeezed some workouts in. Saturday I ran 3.8 miles (40 minutes) before our Halloween party (which was so much fun I can't even write about it because it's R rated, haha). And then Tuesday I ran 2 miles in the morning from the rental car place to the Saturn dealership to pick up my car (more on that in a minute). I also took a weights class Tuesday night while Sophie had swim team.

So the car--Monday I left work in my running stuff and was going to get in a 60 minute run in the gorgeous Fall setting sun. When I shifted into reverse (I drive a 5 speed manual transmission, which I love & will never drive a mini van unless they start making them with stick shifts), it didn't hit the spot like it should. So I shifted into 1st but there was no 1st. There was nothing. The stick went dead and flopped around pathetically.

I was pissed off, then freaked out, thinking my transmission had died. I called AAA, they had a tow truck to me within 10 minutes, during which time I had called the rental car place and reserved a car. The tow truck driver picked me up and picked up another car that was going to Saturn, and then the Saturn guys took me to the rental car place. I had to pick up Luke by 5:30, and I was only 2 minutes late (I called his day care, they were cool about it). And miraculously the dealership had it fixed the same night, although I couldn't pick it up at 10 p.m. (they work until 11 p.m. every week night, crazy!).

Turns out my shifter cable broke and while it wasn't cheap, it wasn't thousands of dollars. What I finally had a chance to appreciate Tuesday morning after things settled down, was how fortunate I was that it broke in the parking lot. What if I'd been in 5th gear going 60 MPH? I shudder to think. God was watching out for me.

And I finally thanked him Tuesday on my run from the rental car place to the dealership, which was too cool. I didn't need a car or anyone's help to get from point A to point B. I just ran. It was only 2 miles, but it was 2 heavily car-congested miles. Yet it was still easy and felt really cool to be running with a purpose.

I voted in my sweaty clothes before I went home to get ready for work Tuesday mid morning. Again I was blessed, having to wait only 20 minutes to cast my historic vote.

Blessings. They are in abundance.

I need to be focusing on those right now instead of my whiny assed moodiness.

But I'm still going to eat cake.


Vickie said...

I almost got on to tell you that I woke up with right side feeling weird (ear) and dizzy was bad today. I used afrin (even though I wasn't stuffed, because I figured it was all connected in there and I can't put afrin in my ear. . .) and took an extra 10mg zyrtec. I went to free weights, yoga and walked 2 miles and was fine. without the afrin and the zyrtec it would have been bad.

Vickie said...

it does seem hard to believe that he is THREE already. how old was he when you started blogging - it seems like he was just a few months old??? All these kids are growing up quickly. This morning I was wondering if we'd all still be blogging when my middle child hits college and then when my youngest does too. I have a feeling that we will all still be here when YOUR youngest packs his stuff and heads off to college.

Vickie said...

very cute picture.

(PS - honestly the thought of even looking at all that cake makes me feel a little sick)

MCM Mama said...

Happy birthday Luke!

I love when I can accomplish errands running!

Enjoy the cake. We've been cake heavy here lately and I've been partaking a bit much. So glad all the birthdays in our house are over until summer.

Carly said...

Happy Birthday to Luke! How cute is he??!!! Time really does fly by doesn't it? If you need someone to help eat all that cake, let me know. : )

debbyweighsin said...

Don't you just love useful exercise?

I just had something similar happen with my car (But not a stick shift) and I thought it was my transmission. So even when it is an expensive job, you are just so relieved that it is not a $3000 job that you are happy.

I would eat cake too...sometimes I try to eat 3 great bites of cake.

Grumpy Chair said...

Happy belated birthday to Luke!!

He is gorgeous Laura. I remember that picture of him with his little bottom teeth coming through.

Cindy...154 said...

Happy 3rd B-day to Luke and congrats to Mom and Dad!! Time flies. Speaking of hormones I have been hot flashing in the extreme, sweating all night and downing sugar and coffee like there's no tomorrow. But today I am de-toxing and I feel good. The cake will always runs out eventually! Car problems always make me feel really vulnerable..

Helen said...

Luke is absolutely DARLING!!! Happy belated b-day to him. :-)

Another great post, Laura...I love PURPOSEFUL exercise. I must do more of it. :-)

Happy weekend!

Cyndi said...

Your son is a cutie! I know how you feel about the passage of time, and it only keeps going faster as time goes on!

Sorry to hear about your car troubles...but at least it worked out to be 'not so bad'.

I'm with ya on the mid-cycle blahs. My ovulation symptoms are worse than PMS sometimes! Between GI issues, mood drops, cravings...UGH. I don't hear other women mention this much.

Vickie said...

Monday morning dizzy report - I am now taking my allergy pills in pm and my spray's in am - that seems to be helping. I did use the afrin for the full two days allowed - even though my nose did not feel like it needed it - my ears did and it did feel like it helped. My asthma is terrible right now - I think it is all the people blowing the leaves - we are in a very wooded area. Just too much stuff stirred up. So today - Monday - elephants on my chest - but not dizzy.

Vickie said...

yes, using my inhaler several times a day. I walked 4 miles at the mall on Friday - and could breath the whole time. I used my inhaler before I went in that day - and before free weights/yoga/walking 2 miles on Thursday too.

I think I am just using it for the next week - 3to4 times a day. If not better in one week - back to asthma allergist. And this is NOT continuous trouble since the last time. I was WAY better/fine after the end of that other bad week.

Jill said...

You cannot resist the cake! Don't even try!!!

Luke is adorable - we love Little Einsteins around here too!! =) ("mom you know that show with the red rocket and the two girls that sing? I want THAT one!")

I think you and I must be on the same cycle - the hubs and I have had two wicked fights this week, and we rarely fight. Yeah, I've been pretty much a byotch all week. I'm trying really hard to count my blessings, but man, it's been hard the last few days! =)

Good for you for squeezing in the workouts when you could - I need to get more vigilant about my workouts. I've gotten really lazy, and the scale is showing it.

You are still rocking the casbah, girl.