Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Day 157 - Official weight 164.8 (home weight 163.4)

Hit another goal-- below 165 "officially." I knew I'd be close at weigh in today, because the home scale showed 163.4 this morning. As of today, I am less than 20 pounds from goal. Hot damn!

I ran a fast run yesterday, according to my training plan. 1.5 miles @ 6.0 mph. I walked a quarter mile to recover, than ran another mile @ 5.4 mph. Total of 3.1 miles in 35ish minutes (I couldn't recall the seconds, for the life of me).

I was at the mall at lunch buying some hair care products, and detoured to Penney's to see what they have now. Lots of sales, and I tried on a size 8 straight skirt that was too tight, but I could zip it. It would fit in another 5 pounds. Didn't buy it, though, because I already have a straight business skirt waiting to fit me in the back of my closet. A pair of size 10 Worthington black pants fit beautifully. I didn't buy them either, because in 10 more pounds they'll be too big and I don't need a pair of black pants now in the middle of the summer. I almost bought a Medium short sleeved black sweater because it looked really cute on, but then noticed the stitching was poorly done at the V neck and didn't want to end up with a $20 rag.

Even though I didn't buy anything, it was fun trying a few things on. Kind of gave me some non-scale progress. I'm guessing I'll end up a size 6 at 145 pounds, if 10 pounds lost equals a size down. When I started this weight loss in February, I was hoping for a size 8 - 10. And I'm there now, with 20 pounds more to lose. I will be flying on a cloud the day I can wear a size 6 comfortably.

On the bad news front, I have a tooth that has finally cracked to the nerve, I guess, because drinking room temperature water shoots pain up through my gums. So I get to visit the dentist on Thursday and pray he can at least fix it temporarily so I can enjoy our weekend vacation in Cincinnati.


ws said...

That's awesome. You make me want to get on a treadmill and sprint a mile just for fun, but then I remember the pain and agony that usually causes me.

You would probably make a good personal shopper. I can't stand shopping for clothing. If you find the right store, you may already be able to fit into a size 6. Three cheers for vanity sizing! A vacation to Cincinnati - I never really thought of Cincy as a destination, but have fun!

re: your comment...kids out late at night drive me insane as well, but I'm not a parent so I can't comment. I can't go to Walmart, it gives me a headache. I did go to a Super Walmart once in Columbus, OH and I asked my BF (at the time) if he thought he was actually getting cheese when he was paying $0.39 per pound.

Fun at a 5K? You must have thought you were commenting on someone elses blog. Sure, a 5K is easy to finish, but finishing faster than my previous time (which is always my objective) isn't as easy. Again, the fun thing. I believe that if something can be done competitively it should be, so no fun for me. It is a 5K sponsored by the local running club, I'd guess there will be about 200-300 people. I think you said you were doing Race for the Cure, which is a totally different event all together.

There are some different theories about how to run a 5K, I'm not sure which works best for me, but maybe I'll have a better idea after this weekend.

Lori said...

Congratulations Laura on the number of the scale! Whoo-whoo.

I'm so glad you tried on clothes and had a blast with it. Those NSV are important to have.

But I hope you get your tooth fixed. Have fun in Cincy. (Maybe you can get a photo of you in front of the fountain that used to be featured in that tv show, WKRP in Cincinnati? Hee!)

Vickie said...

Did I tell you that the Museum in the old train station (near downtown) has a section geared for little kids (if it is raining)? IMAX is there too - but not sure you kids can sit through a movie at this age - and they might be scared.

Zoo is good there.

If you have a membership pass for another zoo or museum - check EVERY WHERE you go - many places accept other memberships in the midwest.

I THINK - Kings Island has stuff geared toward little kids - but double check.

Have a great time. We LOVE Cincinnati - I lived there just out of college for a couple years and we would have been very happy to stay there.

FatBlokeThin said...


Can you e-mail me your starting weight for the FatBlokeThin challenge? Thanks.