Thursday, July 12, 2007

DAy 145 - 166.4 - Run, Pants, Plan

Yesterday's run sucked.

I guess, in reality, it wasn't that bad. It was a 2 mile fartlek, and my average speed was 5.5 mph, but I just wasn't feeling it. It wasn't hot in the gym and I had a fan on me, so it wasn't that. I had eaten a good lunch and drank lots of water during the day and before my run, so fueling wasn't the problem. I was just off.

The good thing, I suppose, is that I went, I stuck it out, and finished the 2 miles. I only had enough time for 33 minutes total, so it was a short workout which was probably for the best.

That run is the end of week 3 of my 5K training. 3 weeks with 4 days each running. First time I've done that--ever. Last year when I started C25K, I weighed 200 pounds. It's no wonder running is easier. I doubt that I could run very well now with my toddler hanging on my body, and that's how much I've lost since last summer.
Today I am wearing the Size 8 khaki pants from Dress Barn that I bought a couple months ago. They fit perfectly. The waist band lies flat, they aren't too tight in the bottom or legs, and they look so cute with the wide leg cuffs. I'm wearing the same blue & white picnic check shirt that I've got on in the pic on this site, and it fits loosely now, the buttons lay completely flat and the cap sleeves are loose around my arms. I can pinch about 1/2 inch of fabric on each side of my waist. I love seeing progress in my clothes.
I got my new food plan at LA WL yesterday. In some ways, it's worse. I lost a fruit--only 2 per day now. Two fruits a day is plenty, you say. Well, yes, except I count my Starbucks latte as a milk and a fruit, so there's one. And if I have a NutriGrain bar for breakfast or as a snack, that's a starch and a fruit, so there's two. This morning I was exhausted but hungry and had no time to cook, so I ate a cereal bar. I've had my latte, of course--can't live without that. Now, I have no fruits left but have a delicious fresh peach that I brought for lunch sitting on my desk.

You bet, I'm gonna eat that peach.

They added 1/2 a protein, a starch, a dairy, and a fat. I love the idea of more dairy so I can have more than just my latte each day, and who couldn't eat an extra starch without effort? But the fat--that one's got me. Butter is supposed to be "infrequent." I hate margarine, and it's on the allowed list. Usually I eat 15 pistachios (now, though, it's 12) or use a tsp of butter on my eggs, and that's my fat for the day. I get headaches from almost all other nuts, so I can't eat those. And do there even exist salt free sunflower seeds? Cause I could have a Tbsp of those if they do--guess I'm gonna have to look for them. I don't like avocados or olives, and I have to actually cook to use olive oil. So, this extra fat has me in a quandary.

Maybe my peach can be a fat?

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ws said...

Bad runs happen and sometimes it isn't because they are slow, it is just because they don't feel right. Running with a backpack (which I find myself doing frequently in airports) is so uncomfortable - I raced on my bicycle at about 15-20 pounds heavier than my current weight, but running is much more difficult. That's great on the clothing front. If only I told your weight loss counselor what is in my food journal she'd probably hit me over the head with a shoe.

You should be able to find raw, unsalted sunflower seeds - I find them addictive though. Cover the peach in ice cream and call it a fat.

Per your comment - yes, I'm younger. I consistently lie about my age (and I get asked for ID constantly), but I'll be 29 in the fall. I use a Garmin - this morning it was so dark outside I couldn't keep track of my splits, but I do have a decent sense of my pace. Most everyone I know that uses a Garmin and a Nike+ for the Nano finds the Nike+ to be inaccurate. So I'd recommend a Garmin.