Monday, July 09, 2007

Day 142 - 168.6

Today was so busy at work I had no time to read any blogs, no time to go to LA WL to weigh in and get my new plan, and no time to eat lunch until almost 4 p.m. Busy in our business is good, but this is crazy.

I'm in my water-retention portion of my monthly cycle, so the scale is up a bit. It's good that I track things closely so I realize this upward movement is what it is, or else I'd be easily discouraged.

My runs on Friday and Saturday were awesome. Speed training and the mere fact that I'm running on a regular basis are helping me improve already. Check it out-- 2 continuous miles at 5.5 mph. That's 11 minute miles. And my fastest mile to date on Saturday--a 10 minute mile. The best part is--I didn't feel like I was going to die on either run. The 10 min mile was NOT easy by any means, but my breathing was reasonable and after walking for a bit, I wanted to run another mile and did.

Today was a rest day, because yesterday was a killer cardio class followed by 45 minutes of pilates, and my legs are dying and need the rest. I hate not going to the gym, but know it's better not to push it and injure myself.

By the end of this week, I'll have been working out on a regular basis for four months. Four months, in the scheme of things, is nothing. But it's four months of good work that's gotten me results. And it's a good foundation for the rest of my active, fit life.

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ws said...

I don't miss the "so busy I can't eat days" that I suffered through when I was a workaholic and had to commute to an office. Running is great, mentally and physically, when you are enjoying it and not pressuring yourself to be faster. That don't "push it" attitude must come with maturity and having other responsibilities. Now that you've hit the four month milestone you are probably addicted for life. I suppose there could be worse things. Have a great day.