Friday, October 26, 2012

Running and processed food (162.8)

I've run twice this week--staying on plan for my race training.  Meeting the girls Sunday afternoon for our long run of 4 miles.  I'm planning on taking a 90 min hot yoga class tomorrow at 8

Yesterday's 3 mile run was gorgeous.  I ran by the Ohio River and it was the prefect evening for it.  Warm & breezy, fall leaves, sun going down.  Perfect.

Vickie wrote a post today that made me think about what I'm eating.  The past two weeks I've been complacent & lazy about food.  I'm not binging, I'm not eating sugary foods.  But I'm not eating enough fresh veggies.  I have celery and an apple everyday with lunch, but lunch is usually a frozen meal.  I did bring a salad from home on Wednesday, but one out of five days of non-processed is not ideal.

So I printed off a bunch of recipes from Vickie's side bar, and am going to tackle at least two of them this weekend. 

It is so hard for me to cook.  Mostly because I don't enjoy it.  I also don't have/want to make time for it. Evenings during the week allow very little time after we get home.  Weekends get full with activities, laundry, cleaning, exercise (when it happens), and I have to REST at least part of the weekend or else I get completely out of balance and grumpy.

I do make things ahead & freeze them--beans & rice mostly.  The kids have frozen chicken breasts/sirloin burgers. I know I could do more.

I would like to get the kids involved in helping me chop veggies and other cooking activities.  I want them to have a mom who cooks.  My mom didn't cook, which I think is a big reason I don't.  So I have to break that cycle with my kids.

My meals at night are typically very simple, like rice/beans/salsa/veggies. Sometimes I'll have a grilled cheese made with Ezekial bread (Luke loves grilled cheese so we have this at least once a week).  I will also have Ezekial toast with avocado & an egg as dinner.  I had leftover soup this week, which I made on the weekend for a birthday party we went to (this soup from Chocolate Covered Katie--warning! do not look at her desserts...they are vegan and more healthy than store bought stuff and absolutely delicious, but still sugary. She does have other non-sugar recipes which I'm sure are great.  The soup recipe is easy & good).  But I've had no fresh or steamed veggies at night this week. Not great.

Roni has been working on eating more non-processed foods, so I know I'm in good company when it comes to this being a battle.  Roni has fabulous recipes.  She's a mainstay for me when I want a recipe.

I'm still doing very, very well.  I'm doing acupuncture twice a month & using my SAD light every weekday.  The acupuncture is like taking anti-depressant meds--I could stop it since I feel better, but that would be stupid because I feel better in no small part because of the acupuncture.  My meds have made a difference, too.  This time of year is almost always very difficult for me because of SAD.  I'm also taking calcium 600 mg gel caps and glucosamine twice a day; my psych told me a couple years ago that calcium can help stave off depression. So I'm thankful I have many tools to stay well. 

My left knee is starting to "slip" when I do side stretches.  I've noticed this in yoga the past several times.  When we are in a split stance and do any sideways bending, I have to be very careful to keep my left leg slightly bent.  Last night after my run I did a split leg bent-over stretch, didn't bend my knee, and my knee cap slipped.  I don't know how else to describe what it's doing. That's what it feels like.  It doesn't bother me while running, but it did freak me out because it was a big slip.  I have been so blessed to have almost no physical limitations, and I don't want to screw up my knee.  I have a friend who is a physical therapist and I'm going to ask her how I can protect it.  Other than making sure I bend it slightly, I don't know what else I should be doing. Your input would be appreciated if you have any ideas.


Vickie said...

Your physical therapist will be great help. My experience is that the PT done for knees is major quad strengthening so the knee is held in better alignment. So everything they have you do in PT sort of looks like things you would think you should not be doing (like lunges and squats with very good positioning). And you are right, soft knee is important in all that you do, never hyper-extend it.

Vickie said...

Lots of stretchy band work. Tying ends together so it is in a loop, putting band around chair leg, sitting in chair, putting foot in loop and then straightening leg with band providing resistance. There is more stretchy band work that involves moving squats.

Make sure you only do what PT tells you and that she checks your positioning.

If you are smart, you will diversify from running, so you are not stressing knees and so you do not get to the point where you can not run at all.

Vickie said...

No one at my house does artificial sweeteners, and I noticed sandy does. But many of the recipes I saw, I would cook/eat with modifications (I can't do feta for example because of migraines).

Vickie said...

This is her lean and greens site. Good ideas on this one.

She also has a medifast recipe site and I would NOT recommend that one.

Vickie said...

I vaguely feel like you mentioned something about Halloween costumes recently, but can't remember.

We are lights out; youngest has two friends over for homework, movies, pizza. I am going to my regular discussion group. Husband is on standby in case girls need something.

I wondered if OA scheduled special meetings on key food activity nights like tonight. Actually there is no food. I guess key junk nights is more accurate.

Laura N said...

thanks for the lean & green site. good ideas there.

Mark is the halloween guy. I am not a fan. but he handles the trick or treaters after we are finished going out.

Mark & I were supposed to have a party to go to last Saturday, but the guy cancelled thankfully.

No special meetings for OA. I had no problem ignoring the candy!!