Tuesday, June 05, 2012

I'm doing a little better. Ran/walked Saturday 4 miles. Took a yoga
class Sunday. Food is a bit better.

I think I may be having depression issues again though. I thought I
was just feeling hormonal but that usually only lasts a couple of
days. I'm going to see how the rest of this week goes and if I still
feel like this next week, I'm going to see my psych.

I will post more when I can.


Jill said...

(((hugs))) take care sister.

Vickie said...

Glad to hear from you, at mayo with youngest and my broken foot, but surviving. My psychiatrist tells me 3 bad days and I need to be seen. That is 3 bad days of anything - food, sleep, upset, down, etc. once upon a time 3 good days would have been the rarity. Onward and upward, good job in treading water when you need to and getting help when you need it. Learning to expect to feel good is one of the most empowering things (i think) we can do for ourselves. Are you still liking new office/staff? Heard from former/difficult guy at all?