Thursday, June 07, 2012

Appointment Monday

Just set appointment to see my psych/nurse practitioner Monday
afternoon. I'm having intrusive thoughts and mood cycling again.

I'm guessing my Meds need to be increased. Or maybe add one. I'll see
what she says. I just know I'm feeling like I did before I started on
this medication and I want to get ahead of it before it gets bad.

It's been a crazy week. Kids in day camp all day -- it's a 45 min trip
to get them to camps and then to work. So I'm in the car 90 min a day.

And they have VBS this week from 6-8:30 (which they love and it's
Sophie's last year since she'll be in 6th grade next year!!). But it
makes for long days for everyone. And late bedtimes.

No workouts for me since Sunday which is taking a toll

Also, Sophie is in a play the weekend of June 22nd (4 performances in
3 days) and she has rehearsals Thursday's, Friday's and Sunday's.

She leaves for sleep away church camp this Sunday, which is a 6 hour
round trip drive (going with another mom and she's driving). Then pick
up the following Friday, another 6 hour drive.

Then, we are driving to Colorado July 4-5th, returning July 11-12th.
For niece's wedding and time with Mark's family. Going to see the
Beach Boys at Red Rocka. And we'll go to the Rockies state park. I'm
so excited about the trip but it's one more thing to do.

And I'm having a surprise 50th birthday party for Mark on July 28.
Have to get list of guests and invitations ready. Thankfully I'm
having it at our fitness club's pool, and they pretty much do
everything for us (food drinks cake).

Egads, it's a lot to handle.

Summer will be over sooner than I can imagine. Will be bittersweet. A
memorable and busy one.

Work is awesome. Love the environment. Very supportive. Clients are
happy. We are moving clients to few based model so we're working
toward a steady predictable income. It's all good. (no interaction
from old office guy, thank goodness)

I'm wrapped up in my own life. Miss catching up on my blog friends
lives. I think of you all often! I look forward to the day I have more
time to be involved with others and not so self focused. Wonder when
that will be?!


Unknown said...


Red Rocks

Fee based model

Jill said...

Wow what a busy summer!!

I'm so glad you went ahead and made an appt to see your doc. No need to wait - better to address it now.
I hope they can help you feel better soon!


Helen said...

Glad to hear you are taking care of you...that's most important! :-)

Vickie said...

Glad to hear from you, I remember all those kinds of activities with kids. Six hours is further than my kids go for college. I like them to be within 3 hours for driving/emergencies. Glad other mom is driving, you can relax or even nap.

Unknown said...

quick note: it's 3 hours one way. so she's not that far away, it's just a long day for me with the up and back in one day.

Unknown said...

I'm the "unknown" comments. Haven't figured out yet how to link my name to the gmail account.

Vickie said...

Ok, three hours one way sounds a heck of a lot better.

Vickie said...

How did appt go?

Vickie said...

how are things going, thought about you all weekend.