Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 5 detox from sugar

I'm still hanging in there.

Day 3 was brutal. I actually took Monday off from work. I felt like I
had a case of mild flu most of the day. By the afternoon I was better.

Yesterday was not as difficult. Last night I had tons of energy.

Today I'm awake at 5:30. So I am on an up trend now.

Cravings have been light and stemming more from routine than anything.
Like eating hot tamales from the candy dish when I get home from work
(dish is gone now). Having some chocolate after lunch and dinner.
Eating cookies before bed.

There are a lot of foods I am mourning. I miss chocolate the most.

I just keep repeating in my head what Karly writes--I can't eat sugar.
Ever. Sugar makes me crazy.

Not--sugar makes me fat. Crazy.

I don't want to be fat, but I can live as an overweight middle aged
wife and mom. And I don't hurt anyone but myself.

I can't live life crazy. Or angry. Or passed out from a binge. That
hurts the people I love most.

So it's going well. I am hopeful for more good stuff ahead. And
hopefully will have enough time and energy to start working out again
this week.


Vickie said...

feel proud of yourself for understanding your reality

and feel freaking amazed with yourself that you were able to take action NOW

and then care enough about yourself to stick with this

I am very thankful you were able to objectively figure this out and APPLY in the midst of a work onslot

Jill said...

That's great Laura!! Good job on muscling past the withdrawals. Keep going!! xoxox

Lily said...

Don't trade what you want MOST for what you want in this moment.

I went through the same thing with carbs. Plus I learned that I have NO control over chocolate. If it is in my house, I will eat it. So I had to learn which cookies/candy/chocolates my kids like (that I don't like!)

Very proud of you!