Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 2 sugar detox

I guess I'm doing this right because I feel like crap.

Actually it does feel good not to be a slave to sugar right now.
Yesterday was pretty great. I knew days 2-4 would be the hardest. And
while I was fine this morning, by late afternoon today I could feel
the chemical shift in my brain and body.

"To get out you must go through." I read that quote yesterday either
in Karly's book or Vickie's blog or somewhere. My detoxing brain can't
remember and after a 5 minute search gives up.

At any rate, I can't get out of the sugar without first going through detox.

I wish I was in a fancy detox spa. But I'm not. Real life is my only
way through.

In her book Karly says to detox during a non stressful time. Which I
agree with and wish I could adhere to.

But I don't know that I'll ever have a non stressful time in my life.
Heck, compared to when my dad was sick, this IS a non stressful time.

And honestly, the alternative--giving my life over to sugar addiction
and all the misery that goes with it--isn't an option and won't make
me feel any better. So I guess it's all good.

I am camped out in my relaxing front room reading more of her book.
I'm not craving sugar, which is a relief.

I just feel like I got hit by a truck.


Vickie said...

"I'm learning, sometimes you gotta head straight on into the pain, to come out the other side. Sometimes the path of least resistance, just makes the road longer. "From The Cleaner with Benjamin Bratt.

And I agree, if most of us waited for the perfect time, or even an okay time, NOT EVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

I also agree that getting to more even ground will make everything else more manageable.

I think when we are not happy with our actions, it creates SO MUCH internal stress. Inside matching the outside (thought/feeling and actions) is an important part of the process.

Good post.

Vickie said...

"The Cleaner" was a TV show about addicts ("The Cleaner" was Benjamin Bratt who detoxed them). Not sure that was the quote you saw (it lives on my sidebar) but it is where my mind went immediately.

Paleo Weight Loss Coach said...

Congratulations on getting stuck into a suagr detox. It's definitely not easy but being a lslave to a sugar addiction and all the crap feelings that come along with it, just isn't the path to go down either. I'm just about to do another detox myself. I've done a couple and if I find I've been wandering a little too much with my diet, I detox again to get myself on track. Good luck with it :)