Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THE Test is this weekend (176.0)

My husband leaves for Indianapolis today.  He is staying with his sister and brother in law in their new house, which is very nice and comfortable, and his sister will make sure Mark eats well and is rested.  The CFP exam starts Friday (3 hours) then continues on Saturday (7 hours, with a 1 hour break for lunch). 

Three years of work boils down to 10 hours.  He finished his bachelor's degree in 2 years, specifically so he could take the CFP exam, which he's been studying for for 17 months (there was overlap with finishing school and starting CFP prep).

For the majority of our son's life, who is 5 1/2, my husband has been studying.

Mark does most of his work in our bed, which drives me nuts but it's his way and I can't change him (and we don't have a spare room for a separate office).  The duvet is a mess--ink and highlighter marks in enough places that it's a mess.  I am getting a new duvet this weekend while he's gone. 

The kids and I are going to decorate the house Saturday and welcome him home with balloons and streamers and kid-made posters.  We won't know if he has passed the test for 2-3 months. But, either way, it's a victory that after Saturday, he's FINISHED.

And yes, it is going to be a big AFTER adjustment.  I envision that we are both going to want free time, but in different ways.  I don't know what he expects--we haven't talked about it.  He isn't a "future plans" kind of guy; he has a hard time looking beyond the moment, especially when he's focused on a big task like this test. So I guess next week we'll have to talk about it, although I'm not going to ambush him.   The best plan is probably to relax my expectations, take it easy, and, above all, communicate.

I did go running/walking last night, in the heat. I went out at 6:45 and it was still in the 90s.  There was a breeze, which was nice, but it was still very hard to breathe while running.  So I walked a lot, and jogged for a tenth or two of a mile at a time.  It didn't matter that I walked--I was moving for 45 minutes and when I was finished, I was wrung out and much more at peace with myself.  I love it when workouts work their magic.


Vickie said...

good luck to him. I don't have enough brains left to study for (let alone take) a test like that.

Cindy...154 said...

That's a huge accomplishment, all that work. It will be a relief, but like you said, there will be the After. I hope you guys have fun celebrating. I am going to the gym tonight. I want to be "wrung out and much more at peace with myself" like you said. Well put. thanks!!1

john said...

Those CFP exam can be a really tough exam. It is not easy to pass specially if you are not prepared for it. It is good to know that your husband is prepared for it. I'm pretty sure he is going to have a good chance to succeed in it. Preparation is the key to things like this.