Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday update (177.2)

Weight is still slowly going down. Yesterday was 177.4.

I am doing great with breakfast. I am eating at meal time--and having one snack of lf yogurt or cottage cheese with 1/4 c nuts (which, so far, isn't enough to trigger a nut headache).

I have had a couple of minor slips--one oreo cookie at midnight (fell asleep in family room, went to cupboard to get a cookie like a zombie, stopped myself at ONE, then practically ran to bed) and a nutrigrain bar last night around 10 pm. That one was because I had too much fruit after dinner.

I didn't measure--just cut up a slice of pineapple and about 5 strawberries and a bit of blueberries. I added 1/2 c lf yogurt and 4 walnuts. I knew it was too big a bowl, but I ate it anyway. I "wanted" something; I rationalized it was "ok" because it was fruit.

It bit me in the butt. And I knew what it was because Vickie has written about being careful with fruit. I didn't "know" what she meant, though, till I went through it myself. About 90 minutes later I was craving carbs. 30 minutes later I ate the cereal bar. I wanted more, but went to bed. I recognized what was going on, and stopped it.

So, lightening up on the evening fruit from here out.
I cannot get all the veggies in at lunch and dinner. It's either a cooked or a raw veggie, not both. I haven't gotten my routine together "enough" this week. But I'm getting there. I'm sure the fruit/snack cravings will go away if I eat the veggies I need to.

I woke up this morning at 5:20 and ran/walked 3.1 miles in 43 minutes. Slow, but moving my bod! I went by myself, no friend to meet to get me out of bed. Just me. It was great.

I also used the gas outdoor grill Tuesday for the first time. Grilling is my husbands thing. I tell myself I'm not a good cook. The grill intimidates me. But after my 1st trail run, I felt like I could do anything--so I lit the grill went I got home, got online and read "how to grill," asked Mark (who got home while I was prepping the sirloin and turkey burgers) for advice, and I grilled up some protein--all by myself. I did it again last night. I don't want to take over the grilling work--but when Mark can't, at least now I CAN.

Very full weekend but not too many plans. Just lots to do. We will go downtown to see fireworks on the river Monday night if the weather holds. It's one of our favorite family traditions. July 4th is here--might as well start planning for the holidays. The rest of the year will fly by.
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Vickie said...

When I do
plain lf yogurt
I eat 1 cup,

when I do
lf cottage cheese
I eat 1/2 cup

(I think this was Kay's suggestion, it might be in her guidelines, I can't remember why, it might be the fat or the protein, but I remember it is always that way - one full cup lf plain yogurt and 1/2 cup lf cottage cheese).

If you had measured the fruit (as you said) and had the full amount of yogurt, might not have triggered your blood sugar/wants. I suspect it was the combination of the two. And I only eat fruit early in the day. I do eat yogurt and walnuts later in the day if I need something - but my taste buds are very neutral (do not expect a party), I do not know if most people can eat plain yogurt and walnuts without an issue.

I thought I had an migraine issue with nuts for years. It turned out it wasn't the nuts, it was what I was eating with the nuts (feta cheese in salads).

However, oldest, my brother and my nephew all have allergic reactions to (one nut each, and it is not the same nut for all of them) tree nut. So I totally get they can be THE issue.

Interestingly, I started eating a banana a day (suggestion of my free weights instructor as I was having major calf charlie horses on a consistent basis) and I gained weight.

I do not think the bananas were making me sloppy with other food.

I am pretty sure they are on Kay's NO list. I always thought they were on the NO list for two reasons"
trigger food for many people,
but now I am wondering if there is something about the chemistry of bananas which is an issue.

My balance point is not a mystery to me. And that is part of what I really like about how I eat - if I change one little thing - and it has an impact, I can SEE that impact. I am not suddenly 10-20 lbs above goal and wondering what happened, I see the difference immediately and KNOW.

My trick is to do cooked veggies at one meal and raw veggies at another meal (lunch and dinner for example). So rather than traying or half and half at the same meal, they each appear at their own meals. I am not sure why this helps, but I think it does.

Vickie said...

"I do not know if most people can eat plain yogurt and walnuts without an issue."

I meant I do not know if combination of plain yogurt and walnuts would taste good to everyone. to me it tastes wonderful. But as I said - my taste buds are neutral and do not expect a party.

Vickie said...

So rather than 'traying or' half and half at the same meal

'trying for'

Vickie said...

the other thing I thought to share:
when one is eating whole foods, then all kinds of issues are just put away (all the things we have talked about that are problems with processed foods and additives).

when one is eating nutritionally balanced (carbs down to a lower level so they do not set off blood sugar or wants, protein at a high enough level to hold us, healthy fats at right level) then again, all kinds of issues are just put away, no longer an issue.

both of these things (whole foods and nutritionally balalnced) sort of 'takes food out of the equation'.

then, with whole foods and eating balanced nutrition, when we find ourselves 'turning to food' it is not because of body chemistry.

It is emotional or habit or family dynamics or whatever, but it isn't actually the food.

And then real progress can be made.

Vickie said...

in my opinion