Monday, June 20, 2011

Busy week

I likely won't be posting much this week. VBS started Sunday night, and I am teaching the 2-3 year olds from 6-8 pm each night thru Thursday (had 8 kids but also had 2 other adults and 1 teen helping). 8 pm is too late, but ending earlier wouldn't allow enough time for the older kids, and starting earlier is too difficult to get working families there.

It's a fun week, but is exhausting. I've been part of VBS for 15 years at our church. I took a few years off after Luke was born, but am back at it now. This is a week that sticks with kids their whole lives, so for me it's worth the time and craziness. Of course by Wednesday I'll be DONE, but that's the norm and I just deal with it.

My days at work are going to be focused mostly on work this week too, because Mark has a week of online prep classes for his CFP exam next month, so I will likely be "quiet" in blog land this week. Maybe it will be easier than I anticipate and I'll not be so swamped, so we'll see.

I do hope I make it without too much drama. I get acupuncture again Wednesday. No negative side effects from new meds, either.

It was a busy, full weekend and a nice Father's day.

The summer is flying by.
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Vickie said...

middle is teaching two sets of bible school this year - both at different churches (than our own as she is in Europe for June when ours is held). That will be so good for her. One is a methodist church and one is a different parish (than our own). She has been helping/working at our own for 6 years (can you believe it?!?!) this would have been her 7th. Didn't have her own/solo class until summer 2010.

Last year, she took a picture of her class (with all the helpers and herself in it too). She had the youngest age (going into kindergarden). The week after VBS ended, she sent a copy of the picture and a note to each child. THEY LOVED it. You know what a big deal getting mail is at that age. We had several moms tell us that the kids saved/valued the envelope as much as the note and the picture, because middle had drawn a picture (something simple like a heart with their initials) on the back, where the seal would have been long ago.

good luck this week. Be more careful, not less.