Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday - 182.6 And No Crying!

I didn't cry today. That's kind of a big deal. I've been crying a lot lately. Part of it is I finally started my period today. I freaking hate my up & down hormones. I swear, when Sophie hits puberty, I pity my husband & son. The other part of it is, we have had a great weekend. We saw the 3rd Narnia movie last night with the kids, & it was WONDERFUL. Best one yet. Not at all scary, even for my 5 year old (he hasn't seen the 1st one yet--it's a bit creepy & we may wait a while longer for that one). It was intense, but not overwhelming. And oh, did I cry during the movie, but not from sadness, from pure joy. If you're a Christian, it's a must see. If you're not, well, I guess that's one reason why CS Lewis wrote his stories in the first plant the seeds of faith. And, I haven't sat on the couch to watch any TV by myself all weekend. We watched a few cartoons Saturday morning (before I went to get my hair done--2 1/2 hours of bliss, and another piece of self-care I'd been putting off) and a kid's movie tonight while I was putting away groceries & getting everyone dinner (so, I only sat down to eat, and that was in the kitchen). Big, huge, monster difference NO TV makes in my life. Now it's time for bed. I've been having trouble sleeping the past several nights. I've not been going to bed with a belly full of carbs and fat, for starters. And I've got an extra 30 pounds on my body from when my Psychiatrist prescribed my xanax (plus, I'm guessing I'm starting to build a tolerance to it finally, after taking it more regularly). I am trying melatonin, on my mom's suggestion, and last night I had to take 1 mg of xanax instead of .5 mg. I used to only need .25 mg to get to sleep & stay asleep. I think I have an appt with my doctor in April, so we'll be talking about that if it's hasn't straighted out by then. Hoping to keep up this regular blog thing, in place of TV. Here's to a productive & healthy week for you all.


Vickie said...

I thought I was having major hormone problems too (once upon a time). Terrible hot flashes and night sweats. Mood swings that made me impossible a great deal of the time and absolutely miserable the few days just before my period.

It was all food related. When my food cleaned up, 100% of it disappeared.

I realize that is not true for everyone. But it was true for me.

I thought I was in the downhill slide (hormone wise) and I was not. Now it is many years later and I still am not.

My migraines started with my period at age 12. I thought they were hormone related too (when they finally were diagnosed in my late 20's/early 30's). Migraines were 100% food related also.

I meant to remind you (the other day with your tonsils and adnoids post) - I needed 2 surgeries.

I had reconstruction of my nose and also d&c/ablation.

I had never gotten air through my left nostril, but didn't know it until I started exercise. Add that fact on to my severe asthma, and no wonder I had such a hard time.

I had been over bleeding since I was a teenager and it had gotten much worse over time. I didn't know I was over bleeding until it got so bad that it was interferring with my life ('lost' 2 weeks of every month).

All of these things are very inner related for most of us.

don't put off the t&a surgery. get yourself scheduled so as soon as the infection is gone, you have it done (before you cycle through again).

and reschedule all that you had to postpone last week. Do not let things slide. Taking care of all these odds and ends is a big part of the process.

PS - and yes, about fell off my chair when I realized you had posted again. . .

Vickie said...

And I was in tears much of last night. So I can related.

Jill said...

I asked my 14 year old last night what he thought about having a month long TV ban. He said he was all for it! We might me putting that into practice soon. I don't watch a lot of TV as it is, but my kids watch waaay too much.

I'm glad you didn't cry - it's the little victories that mean so much, huh?!

I always used to have trouble sleeping before my period. Didn't for a long time, but lately I am noticing it again. Really wondering if I'm entering the perimenopause stage. Fun! Can't wait for that joyfulness. :/