Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Down & Dirty

I'm here, just too busy to post much right now. Here's the skinny:

Friday was a carb up day, which was fine except I allowed my hormones to take over and Saturday and Sunday also ended up being carb up days. They obviously weren't supposed to be. I got back on plan yesterday and weighed 153.4 this morning.

I ran 5 miles on Saturday. Was supposed to be 7, but I started at 10:30 & it was way too hot even by then. At 3 miles I decided I was done, so I turned around & ran/walked home.

I've definitely been feeling some hormonal imbalance moodiness since Saturday. As soon as my vitamins from vitacost.com arrives, I'm going to start taking 600 mg of calcium twice a day. My psychiatrist says it's supposed to help with PMS. I already take fish oil twice a day, which helps with weight loss and depression. Hopefully the calcium delivers.

More to come....


LG said...

Hey, if it was as hot in Ind. as it was here in Virginia....you did really good to run as far as you did and make it home!

Keep up the good work! :-)

biz319 said...

I hate running outside when its too hot, but 5 is still great!

Helen said...

I've gotta get back on The Plan 100% of the time...hard to do lately with lots of social things...but at least I'm maintaining my loss (plus two-ish pounds). I think I'm not losing because I'm not concentrating on exercise either. That helps a lot! :-)

sharla*** said...

My daughter has PMMD and said that once she started the vitamins that they did help (she also took evening primrose and B's) hope they bring you some relief!