Thursday, December 04, 2008

151.2 - In the dumps

Man, it was bad this morning. I slept late, could barely get myself moving, and had to make myself take a bath and get ready for work. It's that moving through sludge feeling--definitely chemical. I get this way every winter. I'm just surprised it's happening so soon this year.

Sophie had a dizzy spell yesterday and had to stay home from school. I stayed with her in the morning and Mark came home and stayed with her in the afternoon while I went to work. It's not a bad one. She's with me today at the office but is walking around now and feeling OK. I'm hesitant to send her back to school yet, because it's hard for her to concentrate and the kids have to move from one thing to another so quickly, and that can cause her to feel dizzy. So, anyway, another day and hopefully tomorrow she'll be better.

I just called my doctor to ask him to up my antidepressant amount, but they are closed this afternoon and Friday, so that will have to wait until Monday. I've been on this dosage for almost a year, I think (I can't even remember when I started on this round). And I've got a SAD light that I can bring into my office, which will hopefully help. Until then, though, I'm in a deep funk that really sucks.

And, of course, I ate oreos & cool whip & pringles last night to push it all away.

I really need a trip to the gym (didn't do anything yesterday because I had to get home to the girl). I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can get work done in time for a yoga class tonight, or at the very least a run on the treadmill. Sophie should be OK for the gym day care, even though she probably won't like it.

So that's the scoop around here. I just pray no one else gets sick or hurt. I don't think I can handle much more right now.


Vickie said...

If you have FitTV and a way of taping - try Total Body Sculpt with Gilad. Only a 1/2 hour but he is one of those instructors that doesn't waste time with the flying your arms through space but not really working exercises - his workouts are very targeted and he does enough reps to REALLY work whatever he is targeting. If you save a few of them - you can find a good combination of lower and upper body things to do on those days when you can't get out.

Jill said...

J'adore Gilad!! He's good.

Oreos, Cool Whip, and Pringles. Oh my!! (actually that sounds really really good right now!!)

So sorry you are feeling so down, a good sweaty workout will do wonders for you. I hope you feel better soon. =)

Vickie said...

I went back and found your start date -

If you read the posts after that one for the rest of january 2008 - you seemed better and better each week. The posts BEFORE - sounded like this one - that you knew what was wrong and knew that you needed meds to adjust.

Aren't you so thankful that you KNOW when things don't feel right and that you have an answer???

Vickie said...

And -

I have not been able to be flat on my back all week - room spins and spins. If my head is slightly elevated - then I am fine. I seem to be okay on my feet - but flat is TERRIBLE!

I got out my saline spray and am using it a couple times a day - to keep thing moving in the back of my sinus with the thought process that sinus put pressure on my inner ear.

MCM Mama said...

{{{HUGS}}} Hope you can get a workout in and some time with the light,while you wait for your med adjustment!

LG said...

I hope you got a work out fitted in and I'm hoping that Sophie is feeling better.

I just commented on Vickie's blog that I'm sick of walking to my car in the dark. :-(

Vickie said...

did you spend the weekend with your head under the covers waiting for Monday . . .

Charlie Hills said...

Sorry about the sludgy morning. Hope things are going better this week. The dumps is no fun! (But I guess that's by definition...)