Monday, November 25, 2013

St Louis Monday

Progress already today. 

Sophie sat up again and stood for the first time for the surgeon at 6 am. She later sat in a chair for 30 min. 

She walked with her PT's help to and from her door. 

She ate French toast for breakfast, her first food since last Wednesday. 

Her drains are out (she had 3 to drain away excess blood), catheter is out, dressings removed, no more IV bags--she's now completely unattached to anything.  

It is still very painful to move. The pain team has been tweaking her Meds and they have a schedule that will hopefully manage it well enough (can't take all the pain away). 

She has a lot of work ahead of her but she's doing amazingly well. Ever the trooper. 

Doubt that we leave tomorrow. My guess is Wednesday at the earliest. Depends on her ability to walk on her own and her bowel movements. 

I slept at the House last night. Rough evening with my mom. Her behaviors are frequently examples of those I hate in myself, and having her here is a learning experience for me on how not to behave. 

She chose to stay at the House with Luke this morning, which was a great idea because we needed a break from each other (although she would never admit she needs a break from anything, or needs anything at all--one of the things that I'm tired of, her martyr attitude). They are riding the shuttle to hospital late this afternoon. 

Sophie will be standing and walking today. Lots of work and it will probably be a tough day. 


Jill said...

Hang in there - you all seem to be doing great.

I learned how to not be an over-explainer from watching my boss. My husband used to get so annoyed with me and now I can see why. It IS annoying! Just say what you need to say and then be quiet! I actually have learned a lot on how NOT to behave by watching my boss. Maybe that's why I've been in this job for so long. Hmmm...

Anyway, I'm glad Sophie is progressing nicely. Thank goodness for pain meds!! :) xoxo

Vickie said...

All sounds good. Glad you are posting.

Vickie said...

Trying to picture how you will keep her comfortable for the ride home . . .

Do they sort of knock her out on pain meds? I guess front seats do recline a lot, are you in two cars? Or a van?