Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Family pic for Christmas card (155.0)

Here are this year's pictures for our Christmas cards, which are already printed. I have address labels ready, and while Sophie is home recovering I'll be stuffing, licking, labeling, stamping and have them ready to mail 12/2. Yay me for being ahead of the game!

The card is one of the long photo cards, and here's the 2nd pic:

I didn't add these, but here are the kids individual pics:


Laura N said...

can you believe those leaves?! pics were taken 11/2. it was THE perfect time of year for fall pictures. this is the same photographer we've used for years--$55 for 30 min session outdoors, we get a CD with all the pics and a photo release. I got 100 Christmas cards from Sam's for $25. cannot beat that.

Toledo Lefty said...

Really beautiful photos. I like the photo Christmas cards -- I don't send them myself but I would if I had kids.

Hope you are enjoying the new job. You seem to be holding up very well with all the changes and stresses going on in your life.

Jill said...

I can't believe how grown up Sophie looks! And Luke...gah! So cute!

Really great photos. :)

Vickie said...

Love the colors you chose. I always like the style you use. Love the photographer.

Great pics.

Studio where I get my pictures printed said they have a family that comes in every year, on parent's anniversary, to have group pictures taken. They are up to 50+ in the family (parents, kids, spouses, grand kids, spouse, great grand kids).

Yes, very big families here. Middle has a friend who has 65 first cousins . . .