Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time off almost always throws me off (151.2)

Warning: minutia of the last 5 days coming up....

I took last Thursday & Friday off, and then was off yesterday b/c of Memorial day, so I had 5 days off in a row.

Thursday I spent all day working in the yard with my mom & step dad.  We trimmed every single tree we have and burned a ton of old branches that had built up under our holly trees (any time a big branch would fall, I'd drag it to the branch pile by the fence.  There were years of built up branches & it looked awful).  My step dad Bill cut down small unwelcome trees that had grown up in the holly trees and in our large bushes at the back of the house.  He trimmed the blue spruce trees that were dragging the ground on the front of the house. He trimmed our six bushes in the front.

Bill also brought us a large fire ring (which he made out of a large barrel--it's about 4 feet in diameter) so we can have a fire pit.  We burned all the branches. I couldn't believe how much we burned & how quickly it all burned up. 

The back yard is transformed.  I can sit outside now and enjoy myself.  I could never enjoy myself before.  I'd look at everything and be overwhelmed by how much needed to be done, and disgusted that it had gotten so out of hand. 

We also had a new couch (sectional) and recliner delivered on Thursday.  Our old furniture was 14 years old and was horrible.  Dirty, torn with stuffing peeking out, broken arm on the loveseat, pillows whose seams had come undone.  We would not invite people over to our house because it was so embarrassing. 

So the family room, which looks out on the back yard through the patio doors, is also transformed.  It's like a new house.  We can finally feel good about having friends and family over.  And I don't feel so defeated when I come home at night.

The kids went home with mom on Thursday night, because Mark & I went to Indianapolis for a work event at the 500 track on Friday.  At 9:30 Thursday night he asks if I want to go see Star Trek.  I was beat but no way was I saying no.  We saw it in IMAX.  Such a fun movie & 3D IMAX is incredible.

Friday we drove to Indy, spent two hours at the track, looking at the cars in the garage area and gawking at the drivers.  We aren't racing fans, but it is still cool to see famous people.  Dario Franchitti was 5 feet away from us on his golf cart.  I have a great picture of him waving at us.  He is a 3 time Indy winner and is married to Ashley Judd (although they are getting a divorce). He spent a lot of time signing autographs and taking pics with fans.  A really nice guy.  And gorgeous.

We picked up the kids Friday night on our way home from Indy.  They had had a good time at mom's. 

Sophie turned 12 Saturday, and her birthday party sleepover was also Saturday (4 girls including Sophie).  The weather was perfect.  Mark set up the tent and the girls sat out there and talked and played.  We spent the entire day outside.  We had a fire & roasted hot dogs for dinner and made s'mores when it got dark.  She had a wonderful day.

Luke loved being outside, too.  We played with his rocket launcher toy and played a short game of croquet.

We are indoor people by nature, so it was refreshing to get out & enjoy our backyard. 

Sophie's party was a lot of work for me.  I clean up after them as they go b/c I can't stand the mess.  I was on my feet for about 10 hours straight, which was worth it so Sophie could have a memorable party. The girls stayed up until 4 a.m.  They went home at noon on Sunday. 

Sunday we relaxed for a few hours, then we went shopping for a different recliner (didn't like the first one), then we went to our friends' house for a cookout.  It was another great day outside, and we all had a lot of fun. 

Monday we slept in and then hung out.  Sophie slept until 11:30, catching up from her late night.   I read a book & sat outside.

Then Monday afternoon I took Sophie bathing suit shopping.  Oh. my. gosh.  It was miserable.  She has a long torso but isn't fully developed up top. She's also very modest and won't wear a two piece, not even a tankini.  We went to five stores.  Tried on suits at Justice, which I thought would work but her torso is too long.  We tried on women's sizes and junior's sizes at Penney's, Old Navy, and Gordmans (went to Sears too but they had nothing for her to try on). Junior's suits are all too revealing.  And one piece suits are practically non existent.

We finally found a suit at Macy's.  It is gorgeous.  It was also a fortune, but we had spent almost 3 hours in frustration, and I just wanted to get her something she felt comfortable and confident in.  It is the most beautiful suit I've ever seen.  Sapphire blue with shirring on the front (which makes her more comfortable because it makes her tummy look flatter) and a white band at the top, with a white halter tie.  Size 6 womens, Ralph Lauren.  She'll be the best suited 12 year old at the pool.

I had no idea what size she'd be or that we'd have so much trouble.  She had no problem finding a suit last year.  If I'd known I would have looked at Land's End or Speedo, and measured her to get a good fit. She needed a suit today since they are going swimming this afternoon, so ordering wouldn't have worked anyway since I waited till the last minute. Live & learn.

So.  How does all this throw me off?  My food was allllll over the place.  I'd have a good meal then a crappy meal.  I ate more meat this weekend than I have in ages. I am still bloated from all the salt.  I didn't eat cake or ice cream or s'mores.  I didn't eat sugar.  I just ate too much and not high enough quality a few too many times.

This is a partial work week.  I'm working today and part of tomorrow, then taking Thursday & Friday off to be with the kids again.   I wanted to spend their first full week of summer break with them, at least as much as work would allow.

I have learned my lesson though, and will do a better job planning my food and our activities.  I don't want another long weekend with willy nilly food. 


Vickie said...

Does she know not to sit on the cement deck of the pool in her suit? To always sit on a towel or one of the chairs or a kick board (if that is okay at the pool)? And does she know not to let her suit rub the sides of the pool getting out? Use ladder, steps or lift herself clean out with her arms, without touching (great arm move). Makes a huge difference in the longevity of the suit. Also, rinse with cold tap water and line dry every time she swims - not you, herself.

We need a lot of suits (we are at the pool every day). Youngest was down to one suit. At this house it does not work to just have one suit - what if something happens to it? We have had suits just plain give out one day at the pool. Youngest is just as hard a fit for different reasons (5' even being the biggest one). I ordered several (in 3 sizes each) from LandsEnd after reading very carefully. I think they all were on sale. I think I did that in February or early March - there were a lot on sale. Their website is very good. (Could make a note on your calendar for next winter, if she is still growing. not kidding about 3 sizes each, no shipping if order from Sears, or sometimes if you ask at the beginning of the call, they will give you free shipping, and returns to Sears are free shipping, save invoice)

Neither one of my girls would ever wear a true 2 piece. (Middle does have a couple tankini tops that she wears with boy shorts.) They dive and flip a lot so need a T or X back of some kind. They both wear swim shorts over their tank suits so they do not have to worry about shaving down there as much and do not have to worry about how they sit. We have long shorts (like boys shorts) for wild activity things. And short shorts for general wear.

I can well imagine the feelings of the jungle backyard and the stuffing sofa. In a sense those were piles, and piles are very hard.

I had a lot of mountains like that. And they sort of permeated everything. I think because there were so many at the same time (didn't know where to start, guilt, failure feelings). I think being able to work on those things brings enormous positive, forward momentum. Even if it is something tiny, each day, helps. And you guys did major all the same weekend. How nice of your mother's husband!

I am currently working my way through my house. With my foot (and all the major stuff with three kids starting at 3 new schools and mayo) last summer - not much other than daily coping got done. I need to do it now, at an even pace, while I can. It is also easier when middle is home, because it gives me company/help. And she is very good get it done person. She will be the one over taking down decorations and helping me with projects as a grown adult (without being asked, just seeing it). It is just her way.

Make a note on your calendar about a week in advance of future dates like this past weekend to figure out your food and water and sleep. It just takes practice to see what you need to do and then be able to apply it. Because this weekend just happened, and it is fresh in your mind, make lists now - on your calendar.

I honestly do not have to do this (holiday planning) any more because the refrigerator/counter/pantry just plain is stocked all the time. We go to the store once a week. We restock. I know what I eat. It is there. I eat it. If I need to pack it to eat it, I pack it.

Vickie said...

You barely got back in the swing of work week, and now I think you are off again for another long weekend, how are you doing?