Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Graduation day and beginning of summer (149.6)

Sophie's promotion ceremony was yesterday. It's hard for me to grasp
she is now a 6th grader.

Her birthday is Saturday. She will be 12.

Last day of school is today. I'm taking a few days off to be with the
kids. All of us are ready for a break.

They have a busy summer planned, but for the first time they are not
doing a camp every week. My mom is keeping them for about 6 weeks
(mixed up between camps). I'm working 4 days the weeks she has them so
I can have them one day a week, which breaks up the days with grandma.

Here's Sophie yesterday before school.


Vickie said...

Are you doing something like she is picking them up from your house on Monday morning, and then you are picking them up from her on Thursday after work, so it shortens their time with her even more? Because that would make a difference.

I am on week three of middle's summer break and it is FLYING. Youngest has finals next week and then she is done. I have NO back to school shopping for youngest, middle's is already done. Both of their doctor/dentist stuff is already done. (good thing or we would not have known about wisdom teeth).

Vickie said...

Very cute pic of Sophie. I would like a dress or skirt of that same fabric for me. It looks like a batik.

Vickie said...

Big plans for the weekend?

we are (finally) going to see the new Star Trek movie tonight. Youngest has not had time all week (she has finals next Tues, Wed, Thur and then is finally out).

Middle and I started our summer three weeks ago.

Husband has been playing tennis - no injuries or pulls or strains so far. Last year or maybe the year before, he went from -0- to 100 like he was still playing every day and was 15 years old and then had major leg problems.

Pool opens tonight, but we will NOT be in it, 63 degrees.