Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Quick update (152.8)

I'm swamped.  I'm also starting to get sick with the virus my son has--sinus pain & congestion, headache, general malaise. There's so much going around, including the flu, which we haven't gotten yet (knock wood). 

I had a rough weekend but I survived without eating my way through it.  I think I was having PMS issues. 

I managed to run 7 miles on Saturday.  I had a great 1st mile -- 10:35, which is fast for me.  The rest of the run was much slower & I think my pace ended up in the 12:00ish/mile.  It was very warm & humid and I had a hard time breathing.  I used my inhaler before my run, but didn't take it with me because I haven't been needing it.  I think the humidity affected my breathing.  The cold does too.  I'll probably start taking my inhaler with me on long runs.

Weekly OA meetings continue to be my lifeline.  They are on Monday nights, which is perfect.  Something to look forward to when the weekends are hard, and it sets the tone for the new week.

I wanted to check in, even though this is brief.  And I'm so happy my weight is going back down again. 


Vickie said...

not arguing, just asking - how do you know that the sinus thing you have is not the flu? Did you guys get flu shots?

I can totally identify with the Monday night meeting sort of holding you through the weekend and then going a step further and setting the stage for the week. My Sunday night relaxation yoga has done that for me. I no longer have the Sunday Syndrome thing at all. (This whole process is worth it just to get rid of that Sunday feeling.)

Laura N said...

We don't have fever so I'm assuming not flu. We haven't had flu shots but I'm going to take the kids as soon as I can get them in. Hopefully not too late. I'll get one at the drugstore. The flu around here has been 24 hrs fever and a few days in bed no energy. It's just now hitting the school.

Vickie said...

I will try to remember to leave you a note when we get ours next year.

Vickie said...