Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday check in (152.6)

Crazy busy week, so here's a quick update to start the week.

I ran last Thursday after work--3.5 miles, and it was fabulous. I hadn't run for 12 days, so I was glad it went so well. It was cold, around 30 degrees. I ran by the river, at dusk.  It was full dark when I finished.  The trail is completely off road so it was safe (and in a safe area, not urban).  I love running in the cold. It takes more work to get dressed, but I'll take it over heat and humidity and definitely over the treadmill.

I ran 8.25 miles Saturday around noon.  Another very nice day, temps in upper 30s.  But at mile 4 or so, my legs turned to lead.  Which makes sense, since I hadn't kept up my weekly runs.  I plowed through and finished, with a lot of walking after mile 7.  This run reinforces how important my weekly runs are. 

Less than a month until the half marathon on 2/24.

I had a really hard Sunday.  The combination of the full moon, low pressure system moving through, and my hormones was a perfect storm of BLECH.  I was out of sorts all day.  I kept busy, not by choice--church, then grocery & craft store (for Sophie's book report), then variety show rehearsals from 3 - 5 (for the kids' show this Saturday), then I cooked dinner.  I finally sat down around 6:30. 

Downton Abbey was a difficult/emotional episode, and that didn't sit well with me at 10:30 pm when we were finished watching it, so I watched an hour of the show Episodes, for some comic relief.  (Love Episodes.  It's on Showtime.  I'm rewatching season 2.)  Made for a late night but I usually don't go to bed until after 11, so I'm used to it.

Food is good.  Loving that the weight is slowly creeping down & staying down.  So thankful I have admitted I am powerless over food and that I don't have to rely on my willpower to keep me sane.

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Vickie said...

I had a very hard time on Sunday and wondered about Sophie. No migraine, had what felt like unequal pressure, and was dizzy. Pulled out my very beginning equilibrium PT exercises and am starting there. Was better today/monday