Thursday, September 27, 2012

12 symptoms of spiritual awakening (167.4)

I am still doing very well with the OA program. No binges, 3 meals a day, doesn't seem that hard.  My sponsor says I'm in the honeymoon phase.  And she said to make that honeymoon phase last as long as possible.  It doesn't have to end.

I met with her for lunch Monday.  She is THE person I am meant to be with as a sponsor.  We connect on many levels, and I respect her and how she lives her life.  I obviously don't know her that well yet, but there is a connection and she is easy to talk to.  Sometimes you talk to someone and there's just no connection, ya know?  Not so with her.

My clothes continue to fit better, which is awesome.

I ran on Saturday for 55 minutes.  I have stopped wearing my running (Garmin) watch and stopped caring about my pace or how many miles I've gone.  I wear a regular watch and just pay attention to the time.  I've done this the last few times I've gone for a run.  It is making a huge difference for me mentally.  I have always competed against myself, trying to run faster or farther each time, and not being satisfied if I fall short.  No more of that.  When I train for a race again, I'll wear it for my long training runs.  But I could see myself ditching it for all the short ones, and just running for time.

I took a hot yoga class on Sunday.  It was hard and not very peaceful--the instructor used her aerobics studio voice (loud) for a good deal of the class. Yoga studio is small, there were 6 people, and she didn't need to talk so loud; I think it's just her training from years of teaching in the big studio (she's a great instructor in all other classes I've taken from her).  And for the last 5 minutes that are supposed to be peaceful, she talked about every 20 seconds.  She'd shut up, and I'd think "ahhhh... now I can finally meditate" and she'd start up again with her "yoga speak."  I left a little frustrated but was glad I got the workout in.  I was sore for 2 days afterwards.

I was at the dentist for 2 hours today.  Had crown work done on both sides.  The lower half of my face & my entire tongue were numb for about 3 hours.  So no lunch, but I didn't starve to death.  I went home afterwards & did laundry, rather than going back to work, because I could not TALK! Thank goodness for texting.  At least I could talk with my thumbs.

Tonight is Mark's night with the kids.  I'm eating late lunch/early dinner at my desk at work. Hoping to take a pilates class at 5:30, then off to choir at 7.  Feeling very blessed and at peace right now.  Working on living each day and not worrying about tomorrow.

I wanted to share something with you that I saw on Facebook today. It's from a blog at  It speaks to so much of who I want to become.  I think most of you will appreciate it, too.

12 symptoms of spiritual awakening
1) An increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen.

2) Frequent attacks of smiling.

3) Feelings of being connected with others and nature.

4) Frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation.

5) A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experience.

6) An unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

7) A loss of ability to worry.

8) A loss of interest in conflict.

9) A loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.

10) A loss of interest in judging others.

11) A loss of interest in judging self.

12) Gaining the ability to love without expecting anything.


Laura N said...

My weight was 166.2 two days ago. I always have an uptick mid-cycle, plus I had too much processed food yesterday (short on time, was too fried at night to fix something fresh, so had frozen meals for lunch and dinner) and I was a bit bloated. I'm not worried about it. But thought it worth mentioning since it's up a pound from last week's post.

Vickie said...

I rewrote two (loved the rest):

1) An increased tendency to let things happen rather than make them happen

1) An increased tendency to let things around us happen and take care of our own business

5) A tendency to think and act spontaneously rather than from fears based on past experience

5) A tendency to look forward and make things work for us in the now, rather than be undo-ally influenced by fears from the past.

Glad things are going well.

Some yoga instructors make a point of talking all through Shavasana in an effort to keep people awake. Meditation classes often do the same thing. They will often read something or take class through guided imagery.

If you continue to take the class, I think it is okay to suggest she find a quieter voice for the small studio. It will be good for her to practice that.

Glad you like your sponsor. It is good that you are looking at how she lives her life. I think that is a good reflection on if she knows what she is talking about and practices.

Yes, there is a A LOT TO BE SAID for fitting in to one's clothes comfortably.

Sorry about your poor mouth.

Jill said...

Wonderful Laura!! Sounds like you are trucking along. I like what your sponsor said about the honeymoon phase - it doesn't have to end. What a great way to look at it!

Keep blogging - I love hearing how this is going for you!