Monday, August 27, 2012


I started going to OA last Monday. Tonight was my 3rd meeting.

I had someone close to me who is in AA tell me I was talking like an
addict. I knew I was addicted to sugar. But I didn't think of myself
as an addict with a disease.

It's a very different approach to all this food business when you
acknowledge you have a disease.

Not a food problem. Not a lack of will power. Not a disorder. A disease.

OA says this is a disease just like alcoholism is a disease. That is
not an easy idea to wrap my head around. But I'm trying.

So I'm going to meetings, Monday nights and Saturday mornings when I can.

There are a lot of thin people at the meetings--a testament to how the
program does work AND that you're never cured. You have to keep going
and working the program.

There are a lot of men there. I had no idea I could learn from men on
food issues.

No one under the age of about 35. All middle aged and older. I met a
woman tonight who has been abstinent for 20 years--she started OA at
age 21. Several others who have more than 10 years in the program.
Many who are several months to a year or so in. A few newbies like me.

Last Monday at my first meeting there was a woman there who has kids
at the same performing arts studio as Sophie. We had just talked at
length for the first time a few weeks ago at the studio. So when I saw
her there and she saw me, we were both surprised. In a good way. In a
"hey! I'm not alone!" way.

We "click" and have a lot in common. She's been going to OA off and on
for 3 years. We got together Sunday and walked and talked for an hour.

I went back to the meeting tonight in no small part because we said
we'd see each other there. Accountability.

It's early in the process but I like what I'm hearing. It's free, it's
supportive, and I'm not alone anymore. I have "real life" people who
understand what I'm going through.

Not that blog friends aren't important to me--you all are. Obviously,
though, I need more.

It will be hard work that I'm frankly not sure I can do. Or am ready
for. I just know I have to do something. And this seems like the right

For now, it's one day at a time.


debby said...

I think real life people/friends are so important in this process. Accountability, like you said, and encouragement. And finding that one woman that you connected with is a gift!

Jill said...

Good for you Laura!! I'm so glad you have this lifeline now. And how great is it that you've already clicked with someone who understands?! Keep us posted on how it's going, okay? xoxox

Jodie said...

I don't comment very often, but I often think about you. Our struggles seem so similar, it scares me. I often cry or laugh at your posts, and always, always feel like the words could have come from me.

Good luck with OA - keep us updated.

Shauna said...

I'm so happy for you that you found someone at the meeting who you could click with. Having a real-world ally would be so wonderful. Good on you for seeking support like this, big hugs xx