Monday, May 07, 2012

Quick update.....

I am doing ok. My weight is stable at 168 but I have not been eating
well or exercising. So it's not going to stay stable if I don't get it

Last week was amazingly successful at work but very stressful. I've
also got some personal issues at home adding to the stress. And I've
defaulted to food for comfort.

I'm taking those baby steps back to getting on track. I bought veggies
at the grocery. I picked up fitness class schedules at the gym. I'm
going to set a couple nights a week for ME, which Mark supports me
doing, so I can start working out regularly.

My energy has been directed toward the business move for a few months
now. I've had no mental or physical energy to do much of anything
else, above the usual Mom and Wife stuff.

Thankfully the intensity at work will be lightening up soon. And when
it does I'll be in a great position to start moving forward again.


Vickie said...

Until you can move forward, it is good you are taking steps to at least hold your own. Veggies and two nights a week are good steps. glad you posted.

Vickie said...

chest opener post up today. I think this is a topic you have mentioned in the past.

jen said...

Happy birthday, Laura. Vickie's post reminded me. I hope it's a happy one.

I'm so glad your husband is supportive of your plans to get healthy. You sound like a SuperMom and you definitely deserve some time for you.