Friday, May 11, 2012


My gym opened a new hot yoga studio last month.

This week I've been twice.

It's amazing what a mind-body connection will do for you.

It's not free--$45 a month unlimited classes (drop in rate is $10).
Worth every cent as long as I go.

Which I plan to. Often.

The instructor told us last night to think of one thought to hold onto
during class. Mine was "peace with sugar."

I didn't eat junk last night for the first time in weeks.

Ahhh. At least for today I have some peace.

Vickie, I do need to work on chest openers. I will look at your link
soon. My chest is so tight and inflexible. I can tell how it hampers
me in several poses.


Jill said...

Ahhh I love yoga. Even just the thought of it makes me feel peaceful. Glad you are going - keep at it!!

Vickie said...

paying $45 a month on top of gym fee? what is gym fee?

I average belonging to at least two facilities at a time.

Right now I am going to three studios.

One is a flat rate of $65 unlimited classes for two locations. I average 3 ($5.42 per class) per week right now with dizzies, normally I hit 6 ($2.71 per class) per week.

The other two facilities I buy punch card packages.

One place works out to $1.33 per class (I average 2 per week). The other works out to $6 per class ( go once a week).

All of those classes are not exercise. Some are relaxation, some are flexibility and range of motion and balance.

Helen said...

We've got a Bikram opening in our neighborhood and I'm thinking of trying it...glad to hear you're liking your yoga! :-)

Vickie said...