Thursday, October 27, 2011

No cookies. Feeling strong. (167.8)

Second day in a row at 167.8. 

Second night with no cookies.

Seriously, just fessing up and examining it on the blog helps me tremendously. 

Shining light on the problem, not hiding and pretending like it's not happening, admitting there is a problem....the first steps to healing.

I listened to myself when I wanted cookies on Tuesday night.  It was a knee jerk reaction--"the kids are in bed and I'm finally DONE for the day" reaction.  Cookies = comfort.  I had an apple and a cup of hot tea instead. 

I wanted cookies again when I woke up in the middle of the night to pee.  I just went straight back to bed, ignoring the pull of the kitchen.

Then Wednesday night, we got the kids in bed earlier, and I wasn't as stressed out at my bedtime.  I had hot tea again while in bed watching "Breaking Bad" on Netflix, and it helped again.  No cookies.  Had to pee again in the night and was so sleepy I just stumbled back to bed, no thought of the cookies.

Breaking a bad habit is a lot about replacing that habit with good ones.

It also helps that I've been working out hard, and I don't want to ruin all my good work with a stupid cookie binge. 

Weights class yesterday at lunch was awesome.  I need to increase my weights--they were getting too easy.  That's always a great sign.  Running again today, then rest tomorrow (I thought I'd do weights again on Friday afternoons, but my knees can't handle it, considering I have a long run on Saturday mornings), then the Saturday long run, then either rest or a weights or pilates class on Sunday, depending on how the day shakes out and how my body is feeling.

Right now, my body feels nothing but strong.  It ROCKS to feel this way.  And it just makes me want more.


Laura N said...

The kids' bed time is 8 pm, but on busy nights they are usually not in bed until almost 9. That is too late, for them and for me. Sophie was so tired Wednesday morning she almost cried before getting on the bus. Last night we got home at 4:30 and did nothing all night. Bed at 8. Tonight is Mark's night (I'm at choir) and I'm going to ask him to start bedtime at 7:30 so they are asleep by 8. The weekends kills us, too, b/c they don't get enough sleep and then are sleep deprived going into the week. I need to do a better job of getting them to bed early on Fridays and Saturdays, but it's really hard when we have so much going on.

Vickie said...

I agree about maintaining bedtimes on weekends. and I agree some kids need early bedtime. I have had carpool kids who I was positive would not have nearly the issues at school if their mothers would just make them go to bed earlier. Youngest still goes to bed about 9pm and is in 8th grade.

What is the issue with knees and free weights?

Laura N said...

My recent experience has been if I take a weights class and then run the next day, my knees and legs swell. My legs were super sore yesterday and this morning from Wed.'s class. Maybe it's the extra weight on my body that makes it harder on my knees when I run, maybe my knees can't handle 10-15 min of squats & lunges (although I can do them fine in class & maintain good form). I just have to be careful about overuse of my legs. Running alone doesn't hurt them, weights alone doesn't hurt them, but weights and running back to back seem to be a bad combination.