Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Five Days (176.2)

That’s the number of days I’ve worked out in a row since Friday.

Friday was Yoga (hot, 90 minutes) in the morning, before work.  Almost threw up a couple of times.  Great workout. 

Saturday was 30 minutes at home on the treadmill.  I phoned it in—wasn’t really feeling like it, but I did it anyway just so I’d have done something. I was glad that I did something, but because I didn’t work hard enough, I didn’t get the mental benefit from the workout.  That was an interesting discovery, actually.  Not putting forth a real effort isn’t the end of the world, but it’s not going to pay off in good brain endorphins either.

Sunday was Yoga (hot, 90 minutes), in the afternoon.  I will probably never eat at Olive Garden again (not like I eat there a lot anyway), because we had lunch there after church, and I had yoga only 2 hours later.  Trust me, 2 hours is not enough time for soup, salad, and breadsticks to digest.  Not when you plan to scrunch your body into any positions other than flat on the couch.  So, I researched and learned you need to eat FOUR hours before a hot yoga class.  Okay… duly noted. I’ll try not to make that mistake again.

Monday, treadmill 45 minutes (3.2 miles), walking with running intervals thrown in.  I worked hard.  Then 5 minutes of abs, including plank.  I stretched my legs really well afterwards, too. 

Tonight I only had time for 30 minutes on the TM at the gym (2.15 miles).  Walking with running intervals, and 5 minutes of abs (timed my plank this time--- a full minute on my toes; rest, then 30 seconds more on my toes.)

The consistent days of exercise are peeling away the layers of sloth and fear.  Fear that I don’t have it in me to work hard anymore. Fear that I can’t lose weight again. Fear that I can’t change.

Every day I move my body & reconnect with myself—and get out of my head—is a victory.  It’s one more brick ripped out of the wall I’ve built around myself this past year and a half.

I love the combination of Yoga and Running.  Yoga finds muscles I didn’t know existed.  And even after only 5 classes, I’m improving.  I’m actually astounded at how strong I’ve gotten already.  And since it’s hot yoga, I’m sweating more than I ever have in my life.  It’s nuts, but I love it.  Running is like coming home, except I’ve got an extra 25 pounds I’m carrying around right now, so I’m not quite all the way home.  I’m making my way there, though. 

My food is much, much better.  Not perfect, but it does fall in line when I’m exercising like this.  Especially because I’ve been focused on eating a good breakfast every day.  That really makes a big difference in how the rest of my eating goes for the day. 

Hopefully my next update will be just as positive and I’ll have some actual weight loss stats to post, too.


Vickie said...

you are right to focus on the habits. if the habits are there, the results will come. but it is the habits that make the difference.

absolutely, if we try for a couple days exercise - it sort of never happens.

I totally agree, every day is better. we are creatures of habit.

it is not about calorie burn,

as you said - it is about the effort, getting out of our own heads/out of our own way, positive vibes, sweat, focus, drive, and "good brain endorphins"

Jill said...

Oooh, the flower keeps pushing up and is making progress!!! How exciting!

You are rocking it girl. I'm so proud of you!! :) xoxo

Cindy...154 said...

I notice on days when I have oatmeal with nuts for breakfast and a good lunch, I eat less the rest of the day. I got sick last week and it set me back mentally and physically but your post was exactly what I needed. Tomorrow is my long gym workout day and I am looking forward to the mental uplift. Thanks!

Vickie said...

your engagement story link is up on my blog for valentines day - such a great story!