Friday, December 27, 2013

End of the year (155.4)

This morning as I weighed myself, and I realized I pretty much ended up the year where I started.  Jan. 1, 2013, I weighed 157.2. Today I weighed 155.4.  My low for the year was 148.4 on April 4.  I hit the upper 140's in March, bounced around 149-151 through mid June, then slowly gained a few pounds and have been bouncing around 155 since October.

I am so much more comfortable in my skin and clothes in the 148 range.  It's crazy how much difference 7 pounds makes.  In the old TOPS days, we'd say 1 pound is 4 sticks of butter. So I guess if you think of 7 pounds as 28 sticks of butter, then yeah, 7 pounds can make a big difference.  At around 148, size 8s are comfy.  At 155, size 8s are iffy and I'm really more a size 10 (new Levi's I bought are 10s, they fit well, not tight, but not loose).  Medium tops fit at either weight, but definitely more comfy at a lower weight.

And while the scale is the same, I'm afraid my body mass is not.  I haven't run or exercised significantly since the half marathon in February.  I have no muscle tone.  My legs used to look pretty good, and now they don't.  I have old woman knees.  I hate it.

So what to do about it? 

My new workplace (which I still love) is having a fitness challenge starting in January.  Normally I hate these types of things, but I'm not going to NOT participate, being the new kid.  So I will and I will make it worthwhile.  We will be judged on weight, body fat %, and activity points.  We get a point for exercising for 20 or more minutes (we can earn one point per day, basically--we don't get more points if we exercise over 20 minutes).  I really don't care if I win.  I'm not competitive against anyone but myself.

I am toying with the idea of doing what Vickie did when she first started losing weight--if she was watching TV, she was on the treadmill.  TV isn't my issue--it's books.  I got a new Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas (LOVE!) but I am a book junkie and books are my TV.  I lay around way too much at night, and end up snacking when I shouldn't be, and vegging out and escaping.  Basically, my body is slowly turning to mush every night. 

It will be simple to read on the TM--the Paperwhite has a built in light and a touch screen, so I don't have to find a button to turn the page, just touch the screen anywhere. But will it be easy to get home, put on yoga pants and a sports bra instead of PJs, take care of kids and housework for two hours and then get on the TM?  Easy just ain't getting it done. I'm going to have to work.

I can feel my age creeping up on me, the less active I am.  And seeing my aunts and mom and grandmother all together on Christmas Eve just emphasized what I'm going to look like in 5, 20, 40 years, if I don't start and continue to work my muscles and keep my weight in line.
2013 was a crazy year.  When have I (or any of us) NOT had a crazy year?  The last half of the year especially has been intense.  I'm praying 2014 is somewhat calmer, but I'm sure it will have it's share of worries, stresses, and pain.  And I want to be ready for it, mentally and physically.


Toledo Lefty said...

I think you should give yourself credit for the 1.8 pounds you lost during 2013, and the fact that you are maintaining in a lower weight range than last year. You look beautiful in your photos and your weight is in (or very close to) a healthy BMI range for your height. This is not something to sneeze at. The labels on your jeans don't define you.

If you want to set a goal to get fitter, that is something different. You can keep your own "score" by logging minutes or miles exercised.

I don't know if this is possible for you, but I would suggest bringing workout clothes with you to work and stopping off at a park to exercise on your way home, or doing your workout before work. I think this would be much more like "me time" than trying to use the treadmill when everyone around you seems to need something. If you want to "read" while doing this, consider getting audio books from your library and listening to them while you walk or run. Having some time to unwind before or after work seems like it would be much better for you than trying to squeeze it in when you are exhausted. And daylight is good for depression. Even just 20 minutes could make a huge difference.

Your kids are not babies. I know that your daughter just had surgery, but I think that everyone can probably pitch in in small ways to help you, husband included. Even little stuff like helping with dinner prep. I used to cook dinner for my family when I was pretty young, and I still feel like that was a great skill that has served me well.

I just see you being very hard on yourself in your posts sometimes, and I would love to see you being kinder to yourself.

Happy New Year!

Laura N said...

Oh, Jen, you are SO right! I am always too hard on myself. Thank you for pointing out the good stuff. :)

I definitely can start working out on my lunch hour when the weather is better. I have to take an hour for lunch every day, which is hard for me because I don't eat out and I don't want to shop and I don't want to just sit at my desk or in my car reading or whatever. The school is in a busy area of town, but there is a neighborhood down the road that I could walk in.

And yes, kids are definitely easier now. I can now leave them after work and go for a walk/run when I get home. I work till 5, and have to pick up Luke from day care, but if I put on workout clothes before I leave work, and then go immediately for a walk/run when I get home, that would work. Agree, need to get Sophie cooking. Need to get myself cooking. :)

Laura N said...

update on Sophie: she is completely off pain meds, has been taking extra strength tylenol for a few days now. still takes a muscle relaxer in the morning, but prob can come off that soon too. She's doing unbelievably well.

Will be interesting to see how school goes on Jan 2. She has restrictions--can't lift more than 10 pounds, has to have extra set of books at home, may need extra time between classes, no PE for a whole year (but she can walk the entire PE class, which will be good for her and she is fine with--she wears Brooks running shoes to school, so she shouldn't have to change her shoes--putting on shoes is still hard for her unless they are slip on), no bending or twisting. I think she'll be fine. She is doing everything herself and has been for weeks.

Vickie said...

Jen has good points. I would follow her suggestions.

But I understand that if you were finding time to dive into book, after you get everyone settled/fed, you can dive into book on treadmill. I understand the value of saying - not going to read unless I am treadmill. Especially if you are reading are reading and eating.

I have always questioned whether people can read and actually get a workout at the same time. It seems like there would be too much movement to read if you are really moving.

Is there a gym at your school?

I think you need to build 20 minutes into your day to do resistance work and not just try to run or walk. M-W-F arms and abs, T-Th lunges and squats. You will be amazed at what a consistent 20 minutes will get you over time. And I say this because of what you say about your body tone.

I think it is valuable to NOT LIKE 7 lbs if it motivates you. Dropping 7 pounds and increasing tone will do amazing things to your body in clothes. You will feel like you have dropped 20.

Sophie - consistently Walking during gym time will be really good for her. She is just over one month mark, so it is amazing how well she has recovered. Second set of books is good. Has anyone considered having her leave school books with teacher in each classroom so she is only carrying notebooks between classes?

Vickie said...

Snow? Cold temps? Kids back in school or still home?

Laura N said...

no school yesterday or today b/c of the temps. My campus closed yesterday so I stayed home with kids; working today.

Yesterday was a baaad day. Walking through mud. food pretty willy nilly. I did laundry but that was it. I'm so over winter.

Vickie said...

Structure is your friend (from what you said).

I can tell how low my stamina is because I am perfectly content to do almost nothing (for a month now). I did clean lbs of green beans today.

School already called off for tomorrow/Wednesday. None of us have been out since Saturday. Except for husband shoveling.

Posted back pictures tonight. I am working my way slowly. First pictures in wraps, then back, working my way up to breasts . . . I think I posted the back pictures in such a way that no one gets surprised by them. So it is my test run.