Sunday, December 01, 2013

A week after surgery

Sophie is doing incredibly well. Beyond my hopes. It's remarkable.
Everyday has been a big leap forward.

She's basically completely self sufficient now, with the exception of
tasks that involve bending over, which aren't a lot, and carrying or
lifting anything over 10 pounds. She still has pain and is taking
Meds, but can go for longer periods without them. She even went to
the craft store yesterday with Mark to get supplies to keep her busy.

I've been ok food wise, but haven't left the house since we got home.
I've read three books and watched Christmas movies with the family.
It's been necessary to do a lot of nothing, to recoup from the

Out friends have brought us dinner every other day. It's been a life
saver. Mark has been cleaning the kitchen and spending time with both
kids, totally engaged. Which is good since I've been mostly checked

I didn't gain any weight the week of the surgery. Weighed 154.4
yesterday. I ate a lot of starchy comfort food at the hospital but
never dessert and not between meals.

I'm teaching Sunday school in the morning and will get back to normal
chorea tomorrow. I'm not officially working this coming week, but will
need to go into the office a few hours. Mom will stay with Sophie
while I'm gone.

New job starts in a little over a week. I'm nervous. Not thinking
about it much yet. Trying not to worry and just deal with today.

I'm so incredibly thankful it has gone so well. We go to St. Louis
Thursday to see the surgeons nurse for a follow up and X-rays.


Toledo Lefty said...

Glad to hear that she is doing so well. She probably has a pretty high pain tolerance after everything that she has been through. So happy to hear she is feeling better.

Good luck with the new job!

Vickie said...

Both of my girls have been using these and love them.

We get very thick, chunky yarn.

Utube has very good videos with different patterns.

Vickie said...

Another suggestion is the letters I have posted that middle paints.

We usually get letters from hobby lobby. They are pre sanded and have a white primer coat of paint. They are not with craft stuff in back, they are in front with signs and hooks and stuff.

Middle paints under coat with brush and then uses puffy paint in the squeeze bottles with point.

Vickie said...

Youngest taught herself to knit, with regular knitting needles, with utube. So if Sophie has any interests like that, utube is a great source.

Vickie said...

Allegiant: Divergent Trilogy, Book 3

middle downloaded audio book on her iPod which is synced to her car through blue tooth and listened to some of it on her trip back to college on Saturday. She finished the rest of it later that night and Sunday. She said she can understand WHY people are so upset about it (what author did to a character). She said that it was so good until the last 4 chapters that she could not understand the fuss. And then when she hit the end, she totally got it. She said the publicity is saying this author cut her own throat as far as movie deals, etc.

katie said...

Bernat Softee Chunky is my fav chunky yarn...nice for scarves, throws etc

katie said...

Buy on it on Ebay...she can pick colors easily on there.

Vickie said...

How did it go in St Louis?

Vickie said...

A little worried about you, did this week go okay? Follow up doctor's appt? How are you doing, emotionally as you deal with surgery AFTERS, your mom, start of new job, holidays?

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