Thursday, October 24, 2013

Second interview (155.4)

I had a great interview yesterday for a position as a financial aid analyst for a private college in town. It went really, really well. I like the woman who would be my manager a lot. Her boss, the regional director, conducted the interview, alongside possible-future-boss.

She called me this afternoon and asked if I could meet the campus president tomorrow (Friday) at 3:30. He's over this and one other campus, so he's not here all the time, and they are squeezing in the interview when he's here for tomorrow's graduation (they are on quarters).

We also discussed a start date. I explained about Sophie's surgery at the end of yesterday's interview--how I wouldn't be able to start until mid December and they needed to know about that so they could factor it into their decision making process. They both said it wasn't an issue.

So, they are serious.

I'm nervous. I'm excited. I'm totally freaked out.

I'm worried about Mark and how this will affect him. I'm worried about how it will impact the kids, since I will be working more hours and will have to travel for training several times in the first few months, and my schedule will not be flexible like it has been the past 8 years.

I know, I know, I know it is the best thing for our family.

AND, I mean, duh, I haven't even gotten the job yet! So I'm borrowing worries. But it feels like I will be getting an offer by next week. All this stuff is rolling around in my head, like my stuff always does.

We'll see. If you're the praying kind, please say one for me. I know God will work out the details. I have to trust Him.


Vickie said...

So very glad for you.

Prayers were said before I even got to end of your post.

Tears in eyes by the end.

Vickie said...

Full time employee's kids usually can attend that same college for free. Often it is that college or other colleges from a reciprocity list.

Jill said...

YAY!! So excited for you!! I told you someone would snatch you up quick! :)

You'll make it work, Laura. You'll find a way and pretty soon it will be your new normal. You might have to ask the kids to step up a little bit, but they are old enough to understand the necessity of it. You guys will be great.

I'm pulling for you!! (and praying for calm minds and peaceful hearts)

Laura N said...

thank you both so much. I know I haven't been around reading or writing much, but believe me when I say I think about you both (all) more than you'll know. your friendships mean more to me than I can say, even though we are long distance and virtual friends. thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts.

Toledo Lefty said...

Good luck! Hope it all works out for the best.

Vickie said...

this is going to seem like a weird comment (maybe) or perhaps you have already thought of it on some level.

If your hubby is not doing everything he should for his back, then your getting another job and him having to step up and take responsibility for himself, might be a really good thing.

By everything he should, I mean - eating the right food, keeping his weight where it should be, doing his stretches, exercising, getting solid sleep, etc.

Remember, I have a severe back problem. I live every day with NO pain. It takes a lot of proactive action to be in my (non pain) state.

I was just having this same conversation with another beloved blogger. She ended up leaving her husband to give him the opportunity to step up and take care of himself in order to put their family first. No kids. She really needed to do that. NOT AT ALL suggesting you need to leave your husband. But be very careful not to enable him as you transition into your own job. You need to do your thing. He needs to do his. yes, I get back pain is terrible.

Shauna said...

Oh Laura! I am crossing fingers, toes and eyes for you... sounds like a wonderful opportunity, hurrah! :)

katie said...

Congratulations on the new position. You really are being 'held' in God's hands all the time.
Everything is going to be okay.

Vickie said...


Laura N said...

The interview with the Pres went well, I think. He was hard to read. They are making the decision this week.

Vickie said...

Glad to hear it went well. Please keep us posted.

If you never straightened out your husband interfering with your sleep, you probably want to do that now, before starting new job . . .

Toledo Lefty said...

Academic job searches can be slow. I had given up hope when I finally got the call that I was hired at my current job.

Vickie said...

Any word yet?

Laura N said...

No, nothing. I've pretty much resigned myself to not getting it. It will be fine. Something else will eventually come or else we'll make what we have work.

I was finally able to get on yesterday. The 80/20 gold plan is $1598/mo, but it has a $1500 deductible for the entire family, and once that's paid, we pay nothing (no coinsurance), except $30/copay for primary care doc and $15/generic Rx and $40/preferred Rx. Non preferred Rx is $0 after deductible.

I can't get the full plan document--there's a link on the website but it doesn't go anywhere useful, so I can't confirm these benefits (w/Anthem) 100%, but according to the "plan details" on the site, these are the benefits.

The other plans with lower premiums end up costing more after deductibles and coinsurance.

This is $80 less than we pay now for premiums. But the coverage for Luke and me (we have separate plans from Mark & Sophie) is much better (our plans have $10k deductible). Lots more coverage, including mental health paid for after we meet deductible, and mental health drugs covered, which mine and Luke's doesn't cover. So we will end up saving a lot of money each year, even though we are paying over $20k a year for premiums & deductible.

And yes, this is an obscene amount of money. We have been paying over $30k/year for health care for several years. It's no wonder we cannot get ahead.

Laura N said...

Insurance companies rate plans based on the county you live in. The one we live in in So Indiana has some of the highest premiums in the state (& my guess is, the country) b/c the rate of cancer and obesity is ridiculously high. We live in a valley, with a plastics plant on one side and an aluminum plant on the other. I can only imagine how toxic our water (we drink only bottled spring water, but we bathe in tap, obviously) and air are. The number of people we know who have had cancer is staggering.