Monday, March 04, 2013

Still coughing nonstop (152.2)

I felt pretty bad all weekend.  I have a horrible cough, still.  At night when I lay down it gets worse.  I didn't sleep well all weekend.  My abs are sore from coughing.  It's getting very tiresome.  I had no energy to workout, and haven't run since the race.  I want to, but can't. It sucks.

I ate comfort foods this weekend and it showed on the scale this morning.  No sugar foods but not great choices.  I also started my period Sunday, and was crampy, so one more reason (excuse) to comfort myself.

Yesterday was 5 months of abstinence. I'll get my 5 month chip tonight.

I didn't lose any weight this past 30 days.  I'm not surprised.  I didn't excercise much.  Travel food, while not sugar based, had a lot of sodium.  I also expect my body is leveled out right now.  To get the weight loss going again I will need to change up my diet and add weight training to my routine, which I can do now that I'm not training for a race.  I love weight training classes and can't wait to get back into them.

I have no idea where my weight will end up.  I want to get into the normal BMI range (149 is normal).  I'd like to get down to 145 at least.  Eventually I'd like to get a lot more weight off my lower half, which will take probably another 10 pounds (so down to 135).  Last time I was 135 was probably middle school. 

I'm not concerned about how long it takes.  I like the way I look and feel in clothes.  I can wear most of my size 8s & mediums from 2008.  I still don't like the belly fat and hip/butt fat.  Weights and more cardio will help get it off.  And I need to reduce my carb intake and up my veggie intake at night.

Other than feeling sick and frustrated with this cough and congestion, I'm doing fine.  I am SO over the cold weather.  It's a drag, too.  We are supposed to be in the 60s by Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully it's the start of warmer weather to come. March can be cold, though, so I'm not holding my breath.


jen said...

As long as you are coughing, gentle activity at most! I had the same thing and it just lingers longer if you don't rest.

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Vickie said...