Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Almost normal (149.6) and new bras

.6 more pounds and I will be in the normal BMI.  Woot!

I bought new bras last week.  I haven't had new bras in ages.  I was wearing 36Ds before I lost more weight, and now need 34Ds.  I had two 34Ds from 2008 that I've been wearing, but they were pretty worn out. 

I went to Dillards and bought four good bras.  A good bra completely changes how I look; cheap bras do the same, but in a bad way.  The Girls need proper lift and support.

I bought two Modern Movement bras, which I got for $60 for two ($42 for one).  One is nude, and the other is black with white polka dots (and sooo cute).

I also got two b-tempted push up bras (b-tempted is a Wacoal brand; $40 a piece).  I haven't had a push up bra since, well, I can't remember.  The Girls don't sit as high as they used to (thanks to gravity & childbirth--you all know what I mean).  I thought I'd just try one on, to see if would work.  It does.  Pushes the Girls up and forward.  One is dark brown with purple straps; the other is beige with pink straps.  They make me feel girlie.  I can't wear them with everything.  Smooth t-shirts work better with the full support bras.  But I can wear them with dresses and dressy shirts.

The girlie bras make me feel pretty and confident. 

I also bought new undies.  (TMI coming up....) I wear thongs because I hate panty lines, and my backside doesn't accomodate regular undies well.  I've worn thongs for years--they don't bother me at all.  I like to match them to my bras--adds to the pretty and confident feeling.

So that's the story of my underwear.

It's sunshiny today, but cold.  I'm tired of this cold weather.  It was warmer this past weekend, but very windy.  Then it got cold yesterday.  We should be in the 60s Friday, but then it's back to the 50s & 40s next week.  Gah!  I'm tired of my fall clothes & want to wear spring stuff.  At least we are closer to warm weather....I'm just impatient for it to get here.

I finally feel better.  Still have a cough, still have a bit of a raspy voice, but it's closer to normal and I can finally sing again.  It's very nasal, but I can get the high notes out.  I sing in the bathroom when I'm getting ready and sing in the car, and in the church choir. Hopefully by rehearsal Thursday I won't sound so nasaly.


Jill said...

Glad you are on the mend!! I probably shouldn't tell you that it's going to be 75* here by Friday - yay Spring!!

I got birthday money and I've already earmarked some of it for new bras - like you said, a new bra can change the way you look!

Thongs - don't they make you feel like you have a perpetual wedgie???


Laura N said...

maybe it's because I'm used to it or maybe it's because I have a roomie bootie, but thongs never bother me. regular undies bother me much more. they creep up and end up where the thong is anyway. :)

jen said...

I have tried thongs but they are very uncomfortable for me.

I probably have spent more on bras than any reasonable person should, but they make such a difference when they fit right. I always hand wash them and they last a long time. Dillard's has the best selection and size range. Your new girlie bras sound cute!

jen said...
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Vickie said...

Delete was not me.

Congrats on normal range (think how quickly that happened once you decided)

Very glad to hear about new undies, agree it makes a huge difference.

It is taking people quite a while to get over colds this year.

I was in Charleston, SC where it was warmer, but had to wear a lot of layers. Was expecting it to feel warm to me, coming out of cold north, but it did not.

Irving Morgan said...

Bras that make you feel pretty inside and out are worth having. I think women’s lingerie wardrobe should consist of undergarments like that. When you’re wearing something that shape your body nicely from the inside, it'll definitely reflect on how you wear your clothes, be it an expensive designer clothing or just simple ones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Stay gorgeous, Laura!

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