Friday, March 01, 2013

Photos from the race (151.4)

I still have a terrible cough and squeaky voice.  It's been 8 days now.  I finish my z-pack (antibiotic) tonight.  Hopefully I'm on the down hill with this crud.  A lot of people around here have the same thing.

So I'm totally addicted to Disney races now.  I'm already saving for next year.  It was so much fun, and I can't wait to do it again.

Here are some photos.  I felt so good about how I looked this trip.  It was wonderful to be comfortable in clothes & in my own skin.  We bought matching tiaras in Germany at Epcot and wore them all weekend.

First thing we did after checking in at the hotel was go to Epcot.

Here I am at 3:45 AM in my tutu.  I ran the whole race in the tutu.  Didn't bother me at all.  I was Sleeping Beauty again this year. Next year I'm planning to be Alice in Wonderland.

At the expo, the day before the race for packet pickup, with the girls and Cinderella's footmen.  

At dinner with the girls, the afternoon of the race. (Amy is wearing her big tiara--she has three!)

About 6 miles into the race, we run through the castle.


Laura N said...

Vickie, the whiny girl didn't go this year but she knew we were going. We have a private "Princess" group on Facebook that she is still part of so she keeps up with our plans.

I actually saw her the weekend before I left. We took the kids roller skating (I did not skate the weekend before my race--no way was I risking a fall) and she works there. She's gained quite a bit of weight. She commented on how much I had lost. She said she wished she was going on the race. I thanked my lucky stars she didn't.

The four of us who went got along well & had very good chemistry. The conversation was great therapy for all of us.

Jill said...

I want to run through a castle! Actually I'd just like to stroll through the castle. Okay honestly, I'd like to find a nice comfy bed in the castle and take a luxurious nap.

Looks like you had a good time (even though you were feeling a little icky)!

Vickie said...

Make a pack with the other 3 that only the four of you go, so she doesn't get any ideas for next year (immediately).

Did all four of you run? Walk? Stay together at all? Did these same (other 3) go last year?

You look great. And even more important, you SOUND GREAT (focused, sane, centered).

Loved the pics. Loved running thru castle.

Laura N said...

I like your idea, Vickie. We need to form a new FB princess group and not include her (or remove her from the current group).

2 of the girls went last year. 1 was new. This was her first half marathon and she is in bad physical shape. She was sick a lot during training, had shin splits and was told by her doctor to rest for a few weeks, but she didn't. She only got to 8 miles--which is her longest distance ever--and had to stop because her knee was hurting (it was very swollen after the race). She's a quiet, indecisive person. A lot of issues with her mother she's still working through (she is in therapy). She didn't complain but didn't find much joy in most of what we did. Afterwards she messaged us all that she had a great time. I think she's just one of those people that isn't happy with her life and it carries over to everything she does.

We didn't stay together. Heather is the tallest and thinnest and did the most training, so she ran the whole thing and finished before all of us. Amy walked the whole thing & finished. I ran and walked. I think I wrote in the post that I dodged walkers the entire race, and it was very difficult to run.

Next year I will sign up early, and will run a race this year to qualify to get into a runner's corral.